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The defibrillator is charged but there is no response after the shock. She also tries crutching around the room.

Finally they end up in a cafe and her friend let's poor Cassidy prop up her angled aching casted foot on her thigh to rest it. Then they public around the town for most of the clip with Cassidy trying to avoid people staring at her long useless plastered leg and naked toes as she struggles along on crutches.

So she must crutch around bare-toed, and when she stands she must keep her vulnerable toes on the top of her one good shoe so that she doesn't scrape or stub them on the ground.

She is waiting to go window shopping since she's not in a mood to buy clothes or shoes in her currnet condition. When her friend arrives she almost immediately 'goes for the toes' grabbing at her five naked toes to feel them. As the clip opens she waits for her friend to meet her just this way, trying to balance her naked toes on her one good shoe while balancing on her crutches.

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Everything is OK and she leaves the room and lets the patient rest. Cassidy is getting used to this 'toe shake' as then new greeting in her casted condition although she's hardly comfortbale with it.

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The doctor checks her vitals again, than starts to stimulate her heart and calls her name but there is no response. Some nice shots of her long pretty toes from the top and bottom.

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Once inserted she checks her BP and then removes her gown and listens to her lungs and heart with the steth. Of course that means her vulnerable toes are within hands reach again and her of course can't but offer to massage them for her and warm them up which is a nice long scene with closeups.

Then she removes her O2 mask and starts ambu bagging her to breath better.

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Cath insertion, stething, ambu bagging and realistic defibrillation in this one. A must see for fans!

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Cassidy can't help likining her friends nice warm hands soothing her cramping foot in the angled cast as she pulls on her cute exposed toes.

Single shoes are strewn all around the room as she tries to navigate around them.

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The Doctor starts CPR immediately and ambu bagging her - it is difficult to do it in the cast. Now she is hobbling around on crutches at home trying to get use to the very uncomfortable big toe spica leg cast.

She wears a hospital gown, neck brace and a green bouffant cap. Unfortunately, Darcia's breathing gets worse and soon she collapses, her heart goes vfib and then flat lines. Poor Cassidy is trying to adopt to her long leg cast the best she can.

The doctor comes in and inserts a catheter after spraying her privates to prep for it.

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Soon Darcia's heart rate gets very high but her breathing is weak. She touches her tender big toe as she props it up to rest it while she reads.

She has an IV, and is hooked up to the heart monitor with leads, and O2 mask. It's severely angled at her knee and especially her ankle and she can't put her foot down flat.

The Doctor performs many cycles of resus and CPR, ambu bagging and defibrillations when finally the patient's pulse returns and she is stabilized.