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So rather than using "cure", perhaps Magne-Sleep has mischievously substituted the words "healing, therapy and therapeutic" for "cure"? It's obvious that their magnetic therapy promotions are pure fantasy, but is it due to simple ignorance of science or are they outright lies designed to deceive?

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But even if they did go back in time, it still doesn't matter, since there was in fact no Greek culture in BC. New Age morons flock there to perform silly rituals at numerous imaginary energy vortexes.


We could go on and on documenting their mistakes. For example, the incidence of obesity is increasing, is this also due to the magnetic field?

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It is believed the water contains less bacteria and more immune boosting power in these areas. Yet the magnetic therapy 'expert' then goes on to claim that after applying a magnet blood will then take only 3 seconds to travel from the wrist to the lungs.

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If magnetic fields really did have a measurable effect on your body, good or bad, it should show up in these people. One or the other must move, if both are at rest, there is no interaction. Thus an imbalance would occur, with the heart trying to pump more blood out than it was receiving, or vice versa if you lay the opposite way on your bed's magnetic underlay.

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Just as the stars and planets revolve in galactical orbits, each atom has a nucleus around which spins various positively charged protons and negatively charged electrons Rather than heal, your magnetic underlay would kill.

Every single ion in your body that is moving in the appropriate direction would be deflected from the path it is presently moving on.

Silly Beliefs - Magnetic Therapy - Real Healing or Scam?

About nine thousand years ago in ancient Persia, the prophet Zarathushtra revealed to the world the dynamic laws of Nature, of Creation See the next quote for our comment on this bogus statement. The cellular processes will break down. Again, they just hope their clients are ignorant of anything regarding real science.

Here, the production of urediniospores is arbitrarily chosen as a start point.

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When the first cosmonauts and astronauts were going into space, physicians noted that they experienced bone calcium loss and muscle cramps when they were out of the Earth's magnetic field for any extended period of time.

They don't rely on testimonials. And yet they just said it was created by the magnet? Millions and millions of solar systems make up the eighty-eight galaxies known to us BioMag clearly states that iron in our blood in the form of haemoglobin is drawn towards the magnets.

While Faraday did important work regarding electromagnetism, he had nothing to do with Biomagnetics, and at the end of the 18th century he was only 9 years old!

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They clearly demonstrate that if magnetic therapy worked the way promoters say it does, you'd be dead. Magnets which work via the iron content of our bloodemit a constant electromotive force which is compatible with our body's own magnetic field. There are basically two types of magnets — electromagnets and permanent magnets.

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The electro-magnetic EM waves constitutes an integral part of all God's creation. NASA astronauts have magnets fitted into their spacesuits Everyone is impressed by astronauts aren't they? When those currents clash with magnetic waves, they produce impacting heat on electrons in the body cells.