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Andrus, a Democratleft Crapo a note saying, "Don't do anything I wouldn't do Assuming they had all been wearing seat belts, half of them would have survived and half would have been killed.

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He was elected to the State Senate inwhere he served until The costs associated with the injuries are also shown. He ran and won election to the U. By this estimate there were 54 lives saved in by seat belt usage and an additional 34 lives could have been save if everyone had buckled up.

He served as senate president pro tempore from to Due to laws of succession, the president pro tempore is next in line. InSenate President pro tempore Jim Risch unexpectedly lost reelection to the Idaho Senateand Crapo was elected by his colleagues to the president's position.

At the convening of the th United States CongressCrapo is ranked 39th in seniority in the Senate.

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Therefore, the current Supreme Court vacancy should be filled by an individual nominated by the next President of the United States. Seat belts are even more effective for light truck occupants, reducing the fatality risk by 60 percent and the moderate-to-serious injury risk by 65 percent.

If so, tell us about it.

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In Octoberafter the Donald Trump and Billy Bush recording came to light, Crapo said he would not be voting for the Republican presidential nominee. For Nez Perce County in Cost of Motor Vehicle Occupant Injuries in Idaho by County The following tables were developed to show the costs associated with motor vehicle crashes and specifically how increased seat belt use age could decrease those costs.

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For rear seat passenger van and sport utility vehicle occupants, seat belts reduce the risk of fatal injury by 73 percent. In the s, he became active in the Republican Party's campaigns for seats in the state legislature. Judges are not politicians, and hopefully, Judge Alito's nomination will put an end to the politics which have crept into the nomination process.

In67 Idahoans killed in car crashes were not wearing their safety restraints.

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Crapo became the state's senior senator when the th United States Congress convened on January 3,succeeding Larry Craigwho decided not to seek re-election.

The other 1 that would have survived is added into the serious injuries.

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The expected number of serious injuries is equal to the number of belted serious injuries plus half of the unbelted serious injuries plus half of the unbelted people killed plus the people with unknown belt use.

Youth all over the state are doing wonderful things to get the word out about distracted driving. Males — Males are less likely than women to buckle up. He was elected to the House for a total of three terms from until He was re-elected in with For simplicity, we assume that the serious injuries that would have been prevented became visible injuries.