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Kangin told a personal funny story involving USA police chasing him after a concert, and pointing a gun at him while his pants were unzipped, due to a misunderstanding, [74] and Zhou Mi detailed a scary time when his mother was mugged in China.

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Lastly, Tyler Rasch from the U. They definitely give lots of idols a run for their money. Roaring Currentsdirected by Kim Han-min.

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This, understandably, caused weird stares from the rest of the panelists. However, when Takuya was asked to dance again for the Chuseok special, G11 cheered for him and even danced along with him.

But leaving the variety side of the show behind, Abnormal Summit addresses issues that affect youth not only in Korea, but all over the world, and it always sheds interesting insight.

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The panelists, or G11, are actually all non-Korean men from different countries who live in Korea and are thus fluent in the language. And with these looks and charisma, who can blame them? Some of the topics covered so far include pre-marital cohabitation, sex education, living in Seoul, career pursuits, etc.

Here are five reasons to look up Abnormal Summit and watch it: Former representative James Hooper appeared in a video call during the show.

Six members of "Abnormal Summit" to leave the show as it nears 1st anniversary

She presented the topic, "I can't give up work and I still want to raise my child well, am I abnormal? He introduced the topic, whether young people should continue living at home, sometimes with a large extended family, or whether this was "abnormal" behavior, and they should be Abnormal summit dating independent, and live alone.

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The topic was "pre-marital Abnormal summit dating of Korean youths. She posed, " Is it abnormal for a 31 year old to be unused to dating and men? G11 is so popular and well-accepted by the Korean public that they all do CFs and magazine editorials now.

Christmas carols were sung by two groups of the representatives, one group who are in their 20's and the other group who are in their 30's; along with a performance by host Sung Si-kyung.

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He said, "I have absolutely no interest in my health, am I abnormal? The topic was dreams and happiness. Since the cast is so different, each of the guys has their own special features that make them attractive.

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Oh Nami presented the topic, saying that she had not dated for a number of years, and now found herself to be unfamiliar with "the dating game" and men in general.

However, even though these are all bigger names than the panelists, the Korean representative is always overshadowed by G The show included the representatives sharing their favorite cartoon heroes; and a "Dad parenting tournament" with storybook readings and changing diapers.

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I do everything my son wants, am I abnormal? Even if I can't enter the global market, I only want to write lyrics in our language. Ahn presented the topic, "Marriage feels like homework, am I abnormal? However, producers managed to find a few expats who are fluent in Korean and very attractive.


Eleven foreigners criticizing Korean culture? What could turn into utter disaster is actually quite insightful and entertaining. The topic was whether Korean young people should continue working towards a dream profession or career, or should settle for what the reality of life offered them, by way of jobs.

Others tell me to try including English lyrics strategically, to enter the global market I think he doesn't know enough about the world, and lacks motivation.

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Takuya Terada was away and the visiting intern was Blair Williams from Australiaa year-old, and graduate of University of Queensland and Yonsei University.