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Saw them in magazines.

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We're really going to have me on fire? All right, tell your story.

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Plenty of room in there. Oh, I'm not a principal at this party.

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It's right over there. Don't worry about it.

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We're having a blast. I was, uh, just resting my eyes. Well, miracles happen, you know? I knew you were the good guy.

Twitter slams Adam Sandler as he touches Claire Foy's knee | Daily Mail Online

Let's get you carnivores to bed. You know, Wendy's gonna be watching the kids, and we could have fun.

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Tell you what, white bread. The bad news is, you're probably gonna catch on fire, but not if you take a few precautions.

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Your whole aura reads Prius. I've got opposable thumbs. But, but, uh, princess, I, I really thought we were gonna hang out today.

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I am a nerd. That was four years ago.

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What a perfect little powder puff. It's supposed to end better than this.

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There were two young pages. We want our story to be real.

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Why do you bring sugary, chemical-filled crud to my house every time you visit? Can you translate Skeeter's presentation for us?

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He was truly amazing yet totally underrated and had been ignored for years. All right, good for you. It looks exactly like Bugsy.