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The reason for my request is that a correlation is not implied by the fact that there are only 10 percent anomalies, or whatever.

A few sources have said that Sr is mobile in rock to some extent.

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I treated this issue of percentage of anomalies in considerable detail in my original "Radiometric Dating Game" article. He explains that during his years at a Bible college, he gave his desire for a spouse over to the Lord and asked Him to determine who his wife would be.

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Thus, a large amount of Ar40 was present in the beginning. It would be difficult to measure the tiny changes in concentration that would suffice to make large changes in the radiometric ages over long time periods. It's the responsibility of the geologist to show that such mixings have not occurred.

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One cannot always use an isochron, since many minerals may have about the same K and Ar40 concentrations, and there may be some fractionation of argon among the minerals. We can also say that certain formations tend to give reliable dates and others do not, depending on whether the dates agree with K-Ar dates.

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It seems reasonable to me that the large radiometric ages are simply a consequence of mixing, and not related to ages at all, at least not necessarily the ages of the rocks themselves. Coffin mentions that fission tracks can survive transport through lava, for example.

Unreliability of Radiometric Dating and Old Age of the Earth

Settlement depends closely on water, which is almost never abundant. So this argon that is being produced will leave some rocks and enter others.

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There are so many mechanisms that it is hard to know what pattern to expect, and one does not need to rely on any one of them such as more argon in the magma in the past to account for problems in K-Ar dating.

Argon from the environment may be trapped in magma by pressure and rapid cooling to give very high erroneous age results.

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With the accession of Antiochus Epiphanesrelations rapidly deteriorated. So to assume that the K-Ar dates, Rb-Sr dates, and U-Pb dates all reflect the age of the lava, one would have to assume that this lava had no Sr, no Pb, and that all the argon escaped when the beads formed.

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There can also be argon or other daughter products added from the air or from other rocks. Potassium is found to be very mobile under leaching conditions.

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Even some something guys I knew didn't seem ready. Thus it is clear that argon enters rock easily.

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This is one reason why just reporting the percentage of anomalies has little meaning. How many creationists would see the same time on five different clocks and then feel free to ignore it?