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New isotopic evidence for dietary habits of Neandertals from Belgium. Victor Turner and the construction of cultural criticism: From Sedentary Foragers to Village Hierarchies: Sardinia in the Mediterranean: American Council of Learned Societies.

Venus of La Madeleine

Current Anthropology 34, The chronology of the Stone Age settlement of Scania, Sweden. Text and data base plates, sections, plans. The shaping of American anthropology, Phytolith analysis applied to Pleistocene-Holocene archaeological sites in the Australian arid zone.

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I, Jebel Moya, The site yielded a large number of ivory objects. Archaeology at Hatchery West. French perspectives in African studies: Patterns of Growth and Development in the Genus Homo: Feathered serpents and flowering trees: British penetration of the Sahara and Western Sudan, Field projects in anthropology: Literacy, Social Organization, and the Archaeological Record: Settlement patterns between the Alps and the Black Sea 5th to 2nd millennium B.

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Vocal responsiveness in male wild chimpanzees: From Farmers to Pharaohs. The Berber House or the World Reversed.

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Cross-cultural Exchange in Early Mesopotamian Civilization. Interpreting the axe trade: Hunter-gatherer economy in prehistory: A village in Malta. Wien ; New York: Current Anthropology 6, Anthropological Approaches to Landscape. The Rise of Civilization in East Asia: Black Athena Writes Back: Current Anthropology 32, Agriculture in sub-Saharan Africa: