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Anyway, go to that start application and "clear defaults", press the home button and you can set HTC Sense as default.

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I don't have the 'start' application that you're referring too and I even downloaded start from the Market. This surface will be more practical for a child as the likelihood of wear or harm is slim when these top quality paints are utilized.

Henry roberts I agree, just followed the steps and it ruined my settings. Tree House Plans A great lifelike doll always looks genuine and they usually appear to have a particular emotion. I better get back to my childproofing chores.

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Reborn babies dolls are so lifelike there have been situations all about the globe of passersby mistaking them for actual youngsters. I recently purchased one Sprint Hero.

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Except when I try to turn it back on and click the Home button, it takes me to my home page; no questions asked. I'm unable to clear defaults again so it seems as if I'm stuck with stock Android. Blarp You can try downloading Home Switcher from market to solve the problem.

The icon is a white house with a red roof. Torrent Every time i hit the home button on my htc hero by sprint it comes up saying " complete action using home or htc sensethe i can check it and it says use default for this action but it always comes back.

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Richard Yes I have the same problem can't clear defaults again and I'm stuck with the Android version.

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I would love to track your future posts. Also the Texas driver safety course is what i have found to be a safe option to remove my traffic tickets. This sucks, I hope I don't have to do a reset and lose everything!!!

28 February

I do not have the option for Home. I am curious as to the details and have read and got Anime dating sim android app answers to my query.

Instead of going to the HTC Sense application, to clear the default action, find the application named "Start", i hope it's called the same on an english android phone, i'm having a danish one. How do i get rid of it? It is nice to know that this one here really exist.

I think the start from the Market is different.

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This was 6 weeks ago.