ANTEDATE - Definition and synonyms of antedate in the English dictionary ANTEDATE - Definition and synonyms of antedate in the English dictionary

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His shrewd sense of political expediency and his loyalty to constitutional principles saved. The municipal elections in several of the larger cities, which had hitherto been regarded as strongholds of socialism, marked an overwhelming triumph for tJic constitutional parties, notably in Milan, Turin and Genoa, for the strikes had wrought as much harm to the working classe1 as to the bourgeoisie.

He endeavoured to deprive his son of his constitutional right to act as lieutenant-general of Aragon during his father's absence.

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Early in King was moved by the Shays Rebellion and by the influence of Alexander Hamilton to take a broader view of the general situation, and it was he who introduced the resolution in Congress, on the 21st of Februarysanctioning the call for the Philadelphia constitutional convention.

On the occasion of the Metrical Congress, which met in Paris inhe, however, successfully protested against the recognition of the Vatican delegate, Father Secchi, as a representative of a state, and obtained from Count de Rmusat, French foreign minister, a formal declaration that the presence of Father Secchi on that occasion could not constitute a diplomatic precedent.

The addition of the Fourteenth and Fifteenth Amendments to the U. But, just to be tricky, 'the' would also be used for more than one if those were specific ones, such as: I saw directors at dinner last night.

The correspondence was stiff and formal and said little, certainly nothing about the town of Ouray and was totally absent any tidbits of historical nature. A sentence must have a subject and a verb in a main clause and may have one or more subordinate clauses.

At the general elections of March I9o9, over a score of Clerical deputies were returned, Clericals of a very mild tone who had no thought of the temporal power and were supporters of the monarchy and anti-socialists; where no Clerical candidate was in the field the Catholic voters plumped for the constitutional candidate against all representatives of the Extreme Left.

A sentence can be about anyone or anything. He was naturalized as a French citizen inand in the same year became professor of constitutional law in the faculty of law at Paris. The word "sentence" can also mean the punishment given for a criminal offense.

After Antedating antonym of benefit momentary hesitation he informed the king; but at his request no arrests were made, and no precautions were taken.

The subject is who or what the sentence is about. His deposition has been ascribed to a formal act of the Witan, but this seems an antedating of constitutional methods and the circumstances point to a palace revolution.

He was a judge of the New Hampshire Court of Common Antedating antonym of benefit ina member and speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives from untila member of the state Constitutional Convention of and of the state Senate inand inwas again a member of Congress. In MarchCount Santorre di Santarosa and other conspirators informed Charles Albert of a constitutional and anti-Austrian plot, and asked for his help.

A sentence has a group of words that expresses a complete idea, that is a statement, a command, an exclamation, or a question.

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The day after her party the governor's wife came to see Malvintseva and, after discussing her plan with the aunt, remarked that though under present circumstances a formal betrothal was, of course, not to be thought of, all the same the young people might be brought together and could get to know one another.

To antedate is to occur prior to something else. Christianity, of course, arose long after, during the first century CE.

The atmosphere felt stiff and formal, as if this was not part of their routine. You could wear a feed sack at a formal dinner and not look underdressed. What is a sentence? By this slender tie the crown of Italy was joined to that of Germany; and the formal right of the elected king of Germany to be considered king of Italy and emperor may be held to have accrued from this epoch.

Some sentences with 'it' are: The open floor plan ran from the living area through a kitchen to a formal dining room area that had been converted into an office on the other side. The military rule excited universal hostility; there was an earnest desire for a settled and constitutional government, and the revival of the monarchy in the person of Cromwell appeared the only way of obtaining it.

She wrote to him formal, monotonous, and dry letters, to which she attached no importance herself, and in the rough copies of which the countess corrected her mistakes in spelling.

Next Spanish hides, with the tails still preserving their twist and the angle of elevation they had when the oxen that wore them were careering over the pampas of the Spanish Main--a type of all obstinacy, and evincing how almost Online dating messaging and incurable are all constitutional vices.

But from such glimpses of early Attic history as we can get the union of the Attic towns would seem to have been completed before the constitutional struggle began. The practice of buying and selling slaves in Antedating antonym of benefit United States antedated the Civil War.

Her older brother's birth was an antedate tohers.