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His answers to my questions were as compelling and hopeful as his beautifully-written short stories. Clearly the non-hetero-normative population is underrepresented in serious literature. Come out to other people who you know will be accepting first, that way you will have a support network to turn to if things go badly with your parents.

These two great leaders prove that passion and empathy, combined with some web-savviness and an active community of support, can absolutely make real change possible. What can we do about this? If you have not yet come out to your parents, and you think they won't be accepting - don't rush coming out.

However, the immeasurable value provided by Everyone Is Gay is also due in large part to the loyalty and support of readers and viewers from around the world. Not just because I like to wear dresses or makeup. You can't magically turn yourself straight or cisgender so wishing and praying won't solve anything, and in fact, things like conversion therapy can be extremely damaging.

Based in Brooklyn, New York, Russo and Owens-Reid began answering anonymous questions through blog entries and video webcasts, interspersed with tons of jokes and intense lip-synching.

One of the only safe spaces Dating sites on youtube had growing up was the religious community I belonged to. Her parents, however, who have known she is gay for about 2 years, do not approve.

If your parents continue to be unaccepting, I am so sorry. So, they quit their day jobs. In return, this audience has shown an incredible eagerness to help the operation thrive through various web-based fundraising efforts.

By providing advice, resources, and videos for parents, the two hope to encourage more understanding and ongoing dialogue between parents and children in the LGBTQ community. What started as a fun space for community-building also became a safe space for people of all backgrounds to seek more serious advice.

Since its inception, Everyone Is Gay has commanded over: On the flip side, I think that because of our histories of trauma and lack of representation, sometimes we are hardest on each other.

Know that this is something they need to work on in themselves - you haven't done anything wrong, and there is only so much you can do for them. All of the work that they do is in the interest of carrying out their mission to improve the lives of LBGTQ youth.

We have offered up resources for them to look into, but unfortunately they have shown no interest in doing so. I had the good fortune to interview Shraya in advance of the event. I don't have all of the answers, and seeing my girlfriend go through this has been tough.

She lives in Richmond with her partner, local artist David Turner, and their mischievous and loving hunting dog, Max. I am not sure how we change this aside from making concerted, vigorous efforts to purchase and read more LGBTQ books. She really demonstrates to me how a good leader is someone who knows when to step forward and maybe more importantly, when to step back to create space for others.

One thing we can do is empower LGBTQ youth to share their own stories and explore themselves creatively. Is that where the stories come from? And so I would like to talk about how to handle having unaccepting parents. Make sure you have a strong support network for yourself, whether it be through other family members, friends, or both.

Along the way, they spoke to over 5, students at 16 schools.