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Austin and ally dez and trish dating part 1. Squirrels in my pants - tv tropes

Shortly afterwards, it turns out that it really does work. The ant variety red ants, to be specific happened to Mike Rowe on Dirty Jobs when he was in Louisiana raiding alligator nests. Fletcher was nervous when he saw Chyna. Fletcher was actually worried about Chyna's note unlike Angus who just came to eat meals.

Now somebody, anybody, everybody, scream! Chyna and Fletcher standing next to each other.

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Puss in Boots's debut in Shrek 2 features a moment during his hired hit on Shrek where he sneaks into Shrek's shirt to claw him up. Occasionally happens on America's Funniest Home Videos.

Happens a lot with Smiffy from The Beano. Chyna and Fletcher were both creeped out by Olive and made faces, showing the chemistry they have with each other.

She gets out of it by running up the pants leg of on of the boys, who panic and flee. In a FoxTrot comic, Jason asked every member of his family if they wanted to have a Snowball Fight with him.

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While it technically doesn't involve pants, Woody from Toy Story has "There's a snake in my boot! Chyna and Fletcher group hugged with Olive and the orphans.

Episode 84 has also a little eel jump from Machiko's dress to her female students, so the fanservice is doubled.

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Although not with the exact same words Chyna smiled at Fletcher when he styled the girls' hair. In the s film, Alfalfa gets a frog stuck in his ballet outfit after hiding from bullies in a ballet recital.

At the beginning of the episode Fletcher looked sad when Chyna said it was an "All girls party" and he couldn't come. And there he goes headed for downtown.

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Dez also states to Ally that he used to carry rodents in his pants Call of the Wildman During an attempt to clear a house of a large rat's nest, Turtleman causes the entire nest to fall on him when cutting a hole in the crawlspace where the rats were Neil gets a squirrel up his pants in the Christmas Episode after Turtleman captures 2 out of the three squirrels Turtleman gets a pigeon stuck in his coat after trying to clear a house of the flock of birds taking up residence In Community episode " Environmental Science " Troy has a lab rat climb up his leg and proceeds to freak out.

The trope is always used as excuse to force the main character Machiko to stripping herself. And so, we named tergiversate the Word of the Year.

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Cue Jon coming in the room: Homer remarks that such contests are for suckers, and wonders what kind of loser would buy beer just to win one.

Freelance Police short story parodying Star Wars. Fletcher and Chyna visit Olive's kindergarten class together, possibly because Chyna asked him to come with her. They each reply "Do I look like an idiot?