How to Connect a Ballast Resistor | How to Connect a Ballast Resistor |

Ballast resistor hook up,

If your ballast resistor has the terminals pointing to the left side of the bike, proceed to step 5, if the terminals point to the right side of the bike, remove the air cleaner assembly for access for whatever reason, bikes were assembled differently by the factory on this point.

In any case, one side should show a value around Tested this way, the high reading should now be about In order to be assured that the coil gets current for a sufficient length of time at maximum engine RPM, the dwell angle in a fixed dwell angle systems has to be large enough to always generate a good spark.

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Of course, this meant that Ballast resistor hook up was going to be a little less power getting to the coil. Look in your vehicle's owner's manual or on the existing incandescent bulb if it's readable and use the wattage of the existing lamps or maybe even slightly less.

Be sure to use spacer washers to avoid squeezing the ceramic…it will break!

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In the case of the Atomic 4, that lower RPM range is where it typically operates so the PS60 can generate a great spark and still not overheat. It would work very well if one to to install one.

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That is a good question. Do I have to install a new coil when installing an XR Module? The only way to really know whether or not the ballast resistor is doing its job, is to take it for a drive and see the smoothness of the ride.

It is a little confusing. Do this to keep from draining your battery during the testing which follows. Catastrophic failure of the ballast resistor This is easy to diagnose.

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Determine whether the coil is a 9 volt or a 12 volt coil. Also, if you're doing a permanent install never just "merge" the wires as described above. Points-type ignition systems are relatively simple to maintain and diagnose.

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Pull the 2 connectors to the ballast back slightly…. Connect Wires to Positive Strip the end Ballast resistor hook up the positive wire from the ignition, and connect it to the positive end of the resistor. Wo1fMane Dating patna weeks ago Reply Wiring the resistor in parallel which is the only way your calculation makes sense is a huge waste of power and actually increases the load on your electrical system over stock incandescent bulbs, which is really dumb and lazy.

My view is to side with the manufacturers of electronic ignitions on this point.

One example of this would be to compensate for temperature changes. Any value other than 3 ohms is sufficient reason for replacement.

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Run another wire from the condenser to the negative on the coil. If you have a bike which runs flawlessly above a certain speed — say or rpms but refuses to idle smoothly AND you can absolutely rule out ALL other ignition and carb issues, then you MAY have a bad ballast resistor.

The wattage rating of a resistor is the maximum power the resistor is rated to dissipate, before possibly overheating or failing. Through our own testing, most any coil will produce an acceptable spark and will not overheat. Also, there is some increased risk that your coils will overheat and fail prematurely.

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