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She later returned in Batman Beyondbut Bruce was horrified to learn she had given up her body for her father. Her other outfit is a two-tone, black and red suit consisting of a full-sleeve top, tight shorts, opaque stockings, garter belt attachments, and boots. She was later murdered.

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Their plan was to trick men into divulging information that might be used in future crimes. This was a temporary measure and soon Harley freed them from mind control and apologized for some things she said while on truth serum.

Harley got revenge and then she and Ivy went to visit with her family. However, in later storylines, like Batman: Although the situation is defused through Holly's opportune arrival, the sight of two Catwomen active simultaneously in the city is caught on video.

Year One story Catwoman Annual 2,Selina now an adult achieved some success as a thief. The animated movie Batman Beyond: Ivy and Harley accept this answer for the moment, and Ivy tries to make amends by growing all manner of exotic fruits for Selina.

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The character's other outfit is a two-tone, black and red suit consisting of a full-sleeve top, tight shorts, opaque stockings, garter belt attachments, and boots. If a player using Harley defeats an enemy player using Joker, the player acquires a feat called Mad Love.

Ted Grant informs Selina that Holly has been arrested for the murder of Black Mask ; Selina infiltrates the police station and frees Holly. Upon realizing this, she shoots him in the shoulder.

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She was later killed on Talia's orders. Minor Love Interests This list includes all those women who have sporadically appeared as romantic partners of Batman: Recently, in the The New 52there have been a couple of stories in which Harley became infatuated either with Bruce Wayne or Batman.

Quinn dies, only to be resurrected and then return to Gotham.

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Sylvia attracted at least one Batman dating Selina apparently never did. Together Selina and Ivy manage to rescue Harley from Elliot, but not before having to deal with an old associate of the Joker's who is posing as Joker trying to kill Harley for taking his place.

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The dysfunctional, "horrible" experience while visiting family causes her to return home to the Sirens' shared Gotham City hideout where Harley, Catwoman, and Poison Ivy spend the rest of Christmas together. She convinces Joker to cooperate with Batman and Robin in exchange for approving his comedy night proposal.

Dini thus created a female sidekick for the Joker, who would become his love interest. He is replaced by NightwingDick Grayson.

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He did however mention that there was "another". Mallory, the daughter of mob boss Lew Moxonknew Bruce as a child and the two briefly dated as children before drifting apart.

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Dawn went on to become a socialite in Gotham, until her father murdered her as part of a ritual to grant himself eternal life. Selina eventually ran away, Batman dating by her friend Sylvia.

She also took the opportunity to steal enough money to live on before going back to the streets.

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