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Jay wins Biggest Loser Player of the week for losing the most on the Blue Team, while Kelly; having the biggest percent of weight-loss on her team, won immunity from elimination.

At the Temptation, contestants are confronted with a major source of sugar in the American diet: The next one out is Maggie. They are the first to fall into the water.


Maggie goes with her former partner Jenn to her trainer and they work out together. In the elimination room, Paul shows up wearing his original Yellow Team shirt. Then Brittany weighs in and loses only one pound, followed by Maggie who loses two pounds.

Mark, however, loses only six pounds.

Some episodes have been aired in a shortened one-hour format to accommodate adjacent network programming such as The Voice [4] and the State of the Union address.

If junk food falls, it must be eaten.

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The team that holds on the longest wins. They say it went against their core values and that they could have handled it better. After they return home it is shown that Lynn and Jenni still continued to exercise and watch their weight.

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Kelly did not agree with him, saying that they were a team and had to work together with the others and that he may be Yellow, but she is Black. However, the contestants are individually responsible for implementing the principles taught.

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Mark, however, asks them all to think "W. The truth reportedly came out when the duo decided to go for couple's counselling, a source told People magazine on Friday 'We are excited to be blessed as his parents and are focusing all of our energy and attention on doing what is best for his future.

They married in the same San Francisco Catholic Church where her parents had wed 39 years earlier. But he at the time said that the couple's good news had put all of their bad memories in the past.

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The conspiring contestants were: The other contestants are not required to honor any requests to be sent home, though generally such requests are honored. When the number of contestants has shrunk to a predetermined smaller number unknown to the contestantsthe teams are dissolved and the contestants compete one-on-one against each other.

However, he Lollapalooza hook up to pretend that he forgives them and understands what they did, just so that he will be able to remain on the team.

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Alison makes one final offer: Dan is the Blue Team's biggest loser; he is immune from the upcoming vote. The fashion show is photographed for a feature in Prevention Magazine.

Their reward was letters from home; a prize they elected to give to all the other contestants. Before Elimination, the Blue Team — particularly Mark — are shown agonizing over the decision of whom to send home.

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I have had some patients who want to [follow the show's regimen], and I counsel them against it. The season finale features both the contestants remaining on the show and those sent home early; the latter are brought back for the final show.

Paul eats three, and Roger eats one. Each person is faced with a welcome home celebration with all their families and friends.

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