Euan Blair's new £million home 'is joint owned with his MOTHER' | Daily Mail Online Euan Blair's new £million home 'is joint owned with his MOTHER' | Daily Mail Online

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Grade II listed townhouse bought for Euan in It's always there, but you just have to learn to work your way around it. I'm drawn to girls with nice tasting names - it was part of the attraction.

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Gordon Brown is even worse. Johnag Sep 6, I am very impressed with this! Leighton has such a great, unusual voice and it is so different from the pop stuff you hear on the radio today, it is a welcome change.

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Can't wait to hear more from her www. Georgian townhouse, bought for their son Nicky in I can work my way round most things, but with him, the flavours come one after the other.

I will be following her music career, as I think she definitely has what it takes to succeed in her music alone.

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Despite the obvious difficulties, I developed strategies for coping and managed to muddle through school and university. It forms a big part of my pleasurable memories, so if I didn't have that, my memories would feel very flat.

Gordon Brown tastes of mud and Marmite, while Tony Blair tastes of desiccated coconut I started researching it and, after being given some odd looks from doctors, I was referred to London's Maudsley Hospital, where I underwent a series of MRI scans to look at the part of the brain linked to taste.

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The impressive house boasts a master bedroom with en-suite bathroom, two further bathrooms and two reception rooms and is close to Regents Park. Gordon tastes of muck. The man who can 'taste' words: Euan recently moved from his job at investment bank Morgan Stanley, taking up a new post at Sarina Russo Job Access, a Coventry-based recruitment agency.

At last I had proof that I had a neurological disorder, and it was a huge relief to find out.

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Grade I listed manor house bought in as the family's country residence. My answers are instant and they never change, so it's obviously not just a memory thing. It's a bit like tinnitus really. Mumblers and fast talkers are fine, and people with accents I'm okay with.

I'm not going to let it dominate my existence to the point where it ruins my life, but it does play a part in the decisions I make. The value of the property has soared.

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When Would You want to be? It is caused when neurological pathways between the senses are not pruned during brain development, resulting in an overlap of the senses.

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People ask me if I could wave a magic wand would I get rid of my synaesthesia, but I wouldn't live without it, despite the difficulties and the isolation it can bring. Some girls have had lovely names but disgusting temperaments.

Bang, bang, bang, bang, bang.