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Rosse inwho described "borderline insanity"[citation needed].

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I've worked with quite a few male Borderlines. Right about now you might be thinking, "surely even a painful relationship is better than no relationship at all," but here's the deal; Dating service for academics out with You can't actually kill you--but hanging out with a Borderline, definitely can.

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After all, her behaviors were being spelled out right in front of you on a borderline personality disorder website. Nobody is exempt from being excised; not his child, his sibling, his therapist, his closest buddy, nobody.

Self-image can also change rapidly from extremely Borderline women dating to extremely negative.

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Recurrent self-mutilation or suicidal threats or behavior. Fluctuating dramatically between idealizing and devaluing you, they may suddenly and sporadically shift throughout the day.

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Before you do anything, demand paternity testing, and make sure that baby is yours! Hyde You were probably caught completely off guard when one day you found that the love of your life had abruptly changed from your best friend into someone who now acted like you were her worst enemy.

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When we'd finally get close to a breakthrough, he'd kitchen-sink me re-referencing former issues that had already been fully discussed and resolved in his effort to throw me off track, and maintain control. Females are highly intuitive creatures, and I have always believed that a wife's gotta be blind, deaf and dumb, to not know what she already knows.

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These women are masters at lying and masters at manipulation. This boy sadly has no choice but to observe a parental dynamic which will catalyze codependency issues, narcissistic grandiosity and pathological perfectionism as he grows to adulthood.

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In his book, American Outlaw he reportedly uncovers his childhood abuse. Men who've been trapped into fatherhood are forced to somehow reconcile their inner conflicts surrounding this--and many face character assassination for infidelities, or leaving at the "worst possible time.

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This behavior is part of his survival reflex that's become habituated--but its roots go all the way back to his childhood. These behaviors and traits are consistent with Borderline Personality Disorder, but there's more: They are so utterly self absorbed and literally care about no one but themselves.

Whether he's made you cognizant of his boyhood wounds and deficits or not, you'll try to avoid stepping on any emotional land mines, you've intuited are buried in his past.

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It's very common in fact, for a couple's conflicts to escalate during this time, due to fewer "distractions. Historically, no female ever wanted to be pregnant outside of wedlock, so men have naively continued to hand the issue of birth control over to their partners.

If you withdraw from your mother they keep quite and behave nice, but instantly explode at a slight attempt to contact her.

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So this article is for the guys out there whose masochistic tendencies run deep and are ready for a world of pain.