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Calm before the storm: Rosie can't bring herself to look at Millie as she storms past her former friend Keeping her distance from Hugo, student and aspiring fashionista Rosie was also crying, while Hugo looked sheepish.

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Millie was brief and to the point during her toast to Hugo and Rosie After a collective gasp around the room, she added: Before the discovery, Millie and Hugo looked like they were on the verge of getting back together again during a day at the pub.

The pair hadn't been speaking the last few episodes after Spencer's ego was burned by Caggie's romance with a handsome Frenchman. Caggie tells Millie about Hugo and Rosie in a bid to stop the make-up artist from trying to get back together with him In the previous episode, Millie had confronted Rosie over her belief that she had got together with Hugo while the rest of the gang were in Marrakech.

Caggie and Spencer Matthews make-up I'm still in love with him. Why did you tell me this?

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Meanwhile, Caggie and Spencer finally closed the door on the will-they-won't-they romance and agreed to stay friends. Millie Mackintosh announces to the whole party that her ex Hugo Taylor cheated on her with friend Millie Mackintosh in the Series 2 finale of Made In Chelsea It's definitely hit the fan now Louise Thompson tells Jamie she knows about his one night stand with Gabriella so would prefer to stay 'friends' After Cheska asked Gabriella if she had a problem with Ollie, the singer accused her of siding with him and ditching her, with the pair soon agreeing their friendship was over.

Jamie confessed his naughty secret to Spencer, Hugo and Proudlock during a rugby game, while Gabriella couldn't help but share her juicy gossip with Binky and Cheska. They initially made peace during a meeting in the park with Caggie, when Rosie insisted: A tearful Rosie isn't in the mood for the fireworks display after Millie's speech Ashamed: You mean the world to me and you always will.

Its the lying, more lying. Don't worry, we're on the same Caggie dunlop dating history definitely. Millie heads for a flute of champagne after her dramatic announcement Devastated: Gabriella did end up having a more explosive conversation with former best friend Cheska Hull, who is moving in with the former's ex Ollie.

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But there was an awkward encounter for Jamie when he saw Gabriella at the party. I should have told you. I'll always love you: In a rage over their double betrayal, the year-old decided to humiliate Hugo and Rosie by announcing their deceit to all their mutual friends over a microphone at a party.

Hugo looks lost in his thoughts after his big secret is revealed Caggie said she had decided to tell Millie because she didn't want her friend getting hurt again.

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Looking quite the part in a white silk dress and beaded headdress, the Quality Street heiress jumped up on stage and shouted at Hugo and Rosie. Grabbing a glass of champagne, she toasted the birthday boys, before adding: Mark-Francis Vandelli stayed close to singer Gabriella Tristao all night Louise ended up calling things off and saying they should remain friends.

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In the beginning of the episode, Rosie assured Millie nothing had happened with Hugo 'You're the most important thing to me outside my family. As he greeted her off the train with a bunch of flowers, Louise said: Fortunately, they were both in agreement they didn't want anything more.

Millie seeks solace outside with best friend Best dating spots in manila Dunlop During a chat with best friend Caggie Dunlop, Millie said she still mulling over whether or not to tell Hugo she was still in love with him.

Hugo and Rosie are horrified when Millie's outs their affair to the entire room The dramatic scenes took place during Francis Boulle and Mark-Francis Vandelli's roaring twenties-themed joint birthday party.

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I'm done with her, she's not my friend. I don't remember very much.

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But at the party, Millie told Hugo he was making it difficult for her to move on because he was always so tactile around Caggie dunlop dating history. Gabriella Ellis approaches Jamie Laing to talk about their one night stand at the party However it wasn't long before the gossip got back to Louise, who confronted Jamie when he picked her up from Marylebone station.

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