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Call of Duty makes people believe that they are really good at fps but suddenly when they find a game that needs skills like recoil compensation ammo consumption management like in csgo they suck and blame it on the game 34 It make kids violent The kids learn swears from the frequent 12 year olds who seem to have a relationship with my mother.

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It gave us a reason to push forward and that's why it was so good. Also, there are seemingly few Call of duty ghosts bad matchmaking spawn points per map, especially for maps of this size, which makes them unforgiving if one hasn't yet learned them.

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How do you defend against a glitch in the game that gets you a one shot kill. Take your time and give us a good game that people will remember and play for a long time.

No Lets players find even matched players: Between the awful spawns, maps with no flow and lag comp deaths, this is one of the most frustrating CoD games.

Hardly any AAA titles have enforced specifications. There were 16 perks in Black Ops 2 and there are 35 perks in Call of Duty: No Supports custom maps: No Efficient load time vs play time: Therefore because the pace is slower the kids are complaining.

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We also use this information to show you ads for similar films you may like in the future. Ghosts, despite all of its problems. No Lets players choose games: When you let our partners use cookies to collect similar data that we do on our sites, they can provide ads on our sites that they think match your interests, like deals related to products you love, and measure, report and analyse your interactions with them.

One more thing I noticed was that the first soldier is named Stevenson. Worst matchmaking ever for three reasons. They need a Squad or Buddy system. That's the idea, right? So, the first thing that everyone focused on, when the minimum system requirements were released, was the 6GB RAM requirement.

Why, exactly, is Ghosts "bad?"

In private matches, specially in Search and Destroy mode where you get a single life each round, you put your experience to the test. I think that the next entry in the series should be multiplayer only.

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I play mostly FFA now. Had I preferred that, I would have shifted to Battelfield a long time ago.

Matchmaking... Bad lobby? Or worst lobby in history?

A Bit Too Complex: Yep they suck nobody likes Call of Duty - kosdff V 1 Comment 18 Quickscopers The game at this point you can't have fun with it because you get killed at an odd angle your wondering what just happened and the kill cam shows you noscoped by some try hard optic clan member ad its infuriating every time I feel like the snipers in the game people say it should be like battlefield but even there the snipers get to their scopes a little to quick the snipers should be like medal of honour warfighter They suck.

But somehow the toilet tissue won first prize This is really good when you like to troll people - kosdff 22 Christmas noobs Mann they need to chill!

Unfortunately, Best sweden dating sites matchmaking continues to employ messy and convoluted methods that often don't result in the "best possible experience" being found, and some players who play Call of Duty purely to run around and shoot people which there's nothing wrong with may find themselves frustrated with the size of some maps.

Seriously, two soldiers are named Chung and Chang, like Yin and Yang.