Are Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Married? The Canadian Figure Skaters’ Chemistry Is Undeniable! Are Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Married? The Canadian Figure Skaters’ Chemistry Is Undeniable!

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St-Gelais, who has won two silver Canadian figure skaters dating, has said that at the Olympics she intends to focus on her own performance.

It can become risky because your on-ice training can be affected by your off-ice relationship. The next year, when Morrison suffered a stroke, it was Josie who recognized the Best sex dating app australia and rushed him to a hospitalhe wrote in Vice.

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Patrick Chan men Canadian titles: Virtue and Moir figure skating history at ages 20 and 22, respectively, when they became the youngest gold medal winners at the Vancouver Olympics. Is It All for Show? So it seems that even though Virtue and Moir seem insistent on remaining "just friends" stop kidding yourselves, you two!!!

Is It All for Show?

Who's on your top list? Advertisement Was this truly an accidental kiss? While the camera focuses in on Virtue and Moir, an announcer says, "They just pay so much attention to the details […] sometimes though they get so caught up in the dance and each other.

Luckily, they can laugh about this adorable incident now!

Get with the program, Tessa Virtue and Scott Moir.

With all the success the couple's had on the ice, you'd think the two would be a perfect match. World champion in, ; Olympics silver in A true skater's skater.

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The Canadian figure skating partners are just friends. Despite the fact that they aren't a romantic couple, Duhamel and Radford who've skated together since do describe themselves as "soulmates," according to NBC Sports —a special chemistry that clearly helped them score their latest Olympic medal.

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The figure skating couple allegedly shared an inadvertent passionate kiss during one of their practices, after Scott was slowly bringing Tessa down from a lift. But if something bad happens, if something good happens, I just have to keep in mind that I still have a race to do, that I still have goals, and I still want to be on the podium," she told The Toronto Star.

What we have is such a cool relationship. They recreated the swoon-worthy moment inwhen Hamelin won another gold at Sochi. Here are a few cuties that are together irl.

Chock was dating fellow ice dancer Deividas Stagniunas, and Bates was single. Moir has said that he and Tessa are constantly asked about the dynamic of their relationship.

February 9, at 2: We take so much pride in that. Karen Magnussen ladies Canadian titles: Virtue and Moir performed a sexy routine Sunday night during the team figure skating competition. Now he calls her his guardian angel.

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No, Virtue and Moir didn't just announce that they've been secretly dating this entire time sorrybut it turns out that there are other adorable skating couples we can fawn over on Team Canada.

Advertisement Then there are smaller clips others have uploaded, including one from the Sochi Olympics. They were in a relationship for about two and a half years before calling it off—so they could focus on their performance on the ice, according to the NY Post.

They continued working together, and each time they returned to the global stage, people wonder again if there's something more to the professional chemistry on display. On February 13 — two days after the explosive "Moulin Rouge!

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Are they even dating? But she and Hamelin are still cute AF.

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Barbara Ann Scott ladies Canadian titles: