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Caravan mains hook up splitter, electric mains

Other farming services included on the Done Deal online web site are fully refurbished potato boxes, large secure lockable metal containers, mobile cattle crush, new economy water heaters, car trailer, water storage tank, bird bat and bee boxes, high-quality timber farm, Hayseed fiddle, and bird boxes.

I bought a reputable brand myself and am often pleasantly surprised at how they outperform adjacent panels on site.

Finally, Done Deal is the more efficient place to sell your products easily. The conversion was intended for overland travel through either Africa or South America. None of the solutions are perfect with each having its own advantages and disadvantages.

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These have been known to shut down the 12v system when seeing an alternative charge voltage at the battery. Fuel consumption approx mpg. Replacement black canvas top for the cab. More info at www.

The newer Lithium batteries offer big capacity at lower weight albeit much higher price - and newer regulators like the Zamp below are now Lithium compatible. Nevertheless this is good technology and now affordable, our Victron versions are top notch.

Zamp Solar from USA now in stock. Wind generators have quite high output when the wind is blowing, but generally have to be set up and then stored away for each use.

There are some clever tricks that can be played with twin panels in winter too but those are for the techies amongst you, 6.

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You can of course add solar to a single 75Ahr Lead Acid battery - you just won't see as much benefit due to the limited capacity once charged. To complete the range there's even a specially narrow 35cm wide 80W panel for problem solving on crowded roof spaces.

Koni adjustable shock absorbers fitted all-around. It is a bit tricky. You'll also need a lot of roof space to allow the unit to elevate and rotate.

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If needed you can bind tape around it to give extra sealing through the cable entry box glands if required. But NOT on 30W panel. We use twin AH leisure batteries ourselves.

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A brilliant solution when combined with our refillable LPG bottles! Free road tax due to historic vehicle status. That might be fine but the hassle of replacing them if not is a real pain in the bum!

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Done Deal website features a system in which the people can place the ads with free of cost for some ads only. Based on this advertising, the number of unique visitors is increased for accessing this online classifieds website and it almost reached to three million.

You can of course go up in size but then you'll have to use solder terminals. With bigger sales volumes they tend to be competitively priced too. Another downside is that leisure batteries often have shorter lives if maintained by short intense bursts on the genny.

Custom-made steel roof rack with 3 further aluminium storage boxes not shown in photos. Finally why should you pay more for a branded panel? Fuel cells are virtually silent and seen as very green with their extremely low emissions but are very expensive to buy while in contrast generators are relatively cheap.

Both types can be inactive at times, in winter and when heavily overcast for solar, and on calm or even on very windy days for wind power, seems odd to have to stop using wind power because it's too windy but that's the way it is! For example it may be a better idea to start with say a W MPPT controller and one W panel, adding a second W panel later - to make up to Caravan mains hook up splitter max wattage the controller can handle; in this case starting with a W would make the later upgrade more difficult.