What Were the Causes and Consequences of the Arab-Israeli War? What Were the Causes and Consequences of the Arab-Israeli War?

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Nationalism was another cause for conflict. However there are disputes over how many Palestinians actually left, as sources vary Schulzep. Nonetheless, this truce was often broken. They believed by pleasing the Jews they would be pleasing Russia. By pleasing the Jews the british thought they would keep Russia in the war.

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On July 18,a truce was accepted by the Israelis and Arabs. The Allies believed that The Ottoman Empire was on the fringe of collapse. The Hussein-McMahon correspondence is in particular ambiguous about the region and thereby it has contributed to the origins of the Israel Palestine conflict.

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They wanted long term control in the Middle East to control the Suez Canal. When the Great War broke out the Zionists started to press national governments more and more to answer the so called Jewish question. Less then twenty-four hours later, Israel was invaded by its Arab neighbors: However, it was within the context of centuries of European anti-Semitism and persecution that modern political Zionism arose.

The British were under the impression that there were a number of Jewish Russians high up in the government. While the British were negotiating with the Jews and the Arabs they were also talking to the French about the fate of the Middle East.

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There have been several major consequences of the Arab-Israeli war. In search for a new way to break open the war the British decided they would need the help of the Arabs.

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Moreover, the same month, the Arabs retaliated, killing 77 mainly Jewish doctors and nurses Ovendalep. This all proves that the Arabs also had the intention of expanding their power and territory.

The solution it prevents is unstable and the regions it defines are ambiguous.

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The origins of the modern day Israel-Palestine conflict were cause largely by British interest in winning the Great War which led to double dealing between the Arabs and the Jews which are particularly prominent in the Balfour declaration, Sykes-picot treaty and the Hussein-McMahon correspondence.

The Palestinian Arabs were also becoming more wary of the Jews, because they were taken over more an more of the precious fertile land in Palestine, which was not a very fertile region to start of with.

For example, the Deir Yassin massacre witnessed the death of men, women and children.