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Having passed the lines the road winds further to the right and in about half an hour brought us through an avenue of trees to Rondybosch the seat of the Lieutenant-Governor of the Cape. In sy eerste vyfjaar-termyn het van Riebeeck se bedrywigheid alle tekens van doelbewuste vestiging en bestendigheid gedra.

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To the south of both Mount Pleasant and Westervoort lies Papenboom, also known as the Brouwery, for it was here that Cape beer was first brewed inthe estate of 30 morgen being officially granted to Rugert Mensink for that purpose.

In Julienadat die eerste Vryburgers al byna vier maande aan die gang was, skryf hy aan Here Sewentien en beklemtoon weereens die sentrale tema van sy beplanning.

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Among us, who are already a Muslim. En wat was meer voor die hand liggend vir die Hollander as die vissersbedryf.

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The unofficial anglicisation of the name seems to have taken place early and is from sound rather than sense. We know nothing but words and words where we dont even know where those words came from. Rhodes bought the property in and began the process of buying up the neighbouring lands until the Groote Schuur Estate comprised one great park on the slopes of Table Mountain from Rondebosch to Observatory — a precious inheritance for the people of the Cape.

Three of the pictures of Rondebosch subjects he painted at this time are illustrated in this booklet. About James Brodie bought the area which he nostalgicly named Kelvin Grove. Was once abundant but has since run out, we know that it too was set longer ago.

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Rondebosch Down the Years 1657 – 1957

The Deed of Capitulation of the Cape bears his signature as one of the eight Commissioners appointed for that purpose. The historic Groote Schuur comes next.

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He came from Eppenburen in Holland. On Sunday, 4 Marchafter the usual inspection on Cerpen dating kontrak 8 parade followed by divine service, Van Riebeeck, as anyone could have guessed, set out for Rondebosch to see how his new settlers were doing, and thence onwards the activities of the Free Burghers and the growth of the settlement supply much enthusiastic though sometimes anxious material for the diary.

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But how sad, there werent anything they could learn from me This farm belonged to the Eksteen family and starting at Rhodes Avenue covered the area occupied lately by the lower Rosebank Showground and the S.

Maar die landbou, akkerbou en veeteelt, vark- en hoenderboerdery was natuurlik nie die enigste bedrywe nie. The village is barely mentioned beforeand the official visits of inspection were to see the conditions under which the Free Burghers were farming.

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There came days when the Free Burghers were called to arms and orders were issued to abandon farms.