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She plans to give her daughter up for adoption, hoping to spare herself and her child the drama that she experienced while being raised by a single mother. She harbors Zach in her room when he escapes from the mental institution Paul has sent What is the critical period hypothesis to.

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Season 3[ edit ] In the beginning of the third season, Julie meets Edie's nephew, Austin McCann Josh Hendersonwhom she likes but does not want to admit it. However Dylan does not remember Julie or ever living on Wisteria Lane. It turns out that Julie's right, because the real Dylan had been crushed to death by a wardrobe and buried just before Katherine Mayfair Dana Delany left Fairview.

At the beginning of the series' fourth season, Bowen commented on the possibility that her character would be leaving the show for college, stating that the writers had briefly alluded to the character's departure early in the season but removed it from the script.

The gang then decide to take a trip to the Grand Canyon as part of an item on Frank's bucket list—but the trip ends before it can begin after several unfortunate events. Despite Julie's insistence, Porter refuses to let her put their daughter up for adoption, planning to raise her himself.

Julie also adjusts to having Mike as her stepfather.

I think we all live with the suspicion that we're going to be going. In the fourth-season finaleJulie is accepted to Princeton University.

The gang also follow up on last season's musical episode by putting on a wrestling show for American troops stationed in Afghanistan and Iraq, with Frank also dresses up as a trash man for his wrestling-for-the-troops persona. Season synopsis[ edit ] This season sees the gang tackling the global recession in their own selfish, clueless ways, by exploiting the mortgage crisis and taking advantage of the nouveau pauvre homeless people living outside the bar thanks to the recession to growing the bar's brand by selling merchandise.

She left to attend college. The relationship is turbulent and short-lived. Even though Susan had previously given Julie permission to go to the party, she sides Cody kasch dating Mike and Julie is forbidden to go.

However, without telling Mike, Susan changes her mind again and, telling Julie she just wanted Mike to feel as if he were part of the decision making process, Cody kasch dating allows Julie to attend the party.

She criticized the character as being one-note and inconsequential and opined that Bowen "started off the series in an awkward phase and then we realized the awkward phase was going to last her entire life.

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Mike tells her he would rather she did not go as he has seen some crazy parties at the house where Julie was going. She also helps to care for her mother after her divorce.

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However, Susan quickly broke the relationship up when she found out that the young man was in fact, Mike's drug dealer. During this time, she forms a relationship with Danny Bolen Beau Mirchoffwho has moved in across the street with his parents.

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Julie recognizes that Zach has changed and rekindles their romance. Season 5[ edit ] After the five-year time jump, Julie reappears in the episode " City on Fire " and introduces Susan to her boyfriend, her college professor, Lloyd Steven Webera year-old man who has been married 3 times.

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Susan explains to Julie how much she believes in marriage and the two share a hug. Hatcher expressed disappointment in the decision, but series creator Marc Cherry promised that Bowen would return to the series.

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Karl buys them a new house, but Susan refuses, eventually moving back to their house in season 3. She stated, "If you watch a lot of other television shows, the kids don't have that much [of a] part in it.

On this show, the writers give us each our own individual storylines that have a lot of layers to them.