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BQ Bracket Lamp This bracket lamp is similar to Quick-Lite table lamps, only designed to be hung on a wall; due to this, it could only hold 3 pints of gasoline.

The shade here is original and covers the Pyrex globe, and the fount has a built-in pump. The vases are pottery and contain a one-quart fuel tank.

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Most Coleman experts today estimate that only about of the Parlor lamp were shipped, due to the fact that very few in existence are known.

Designed for farm use, it was an unintuitive piece of equipment, but also a starting point. If your lantern is newer that the mid s you probably won't need to read this part.

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Model Canada The lamp was made in both the U. A maintenance sticker is plastered to the side of the green-painted fount, presumably a replication. This lantern is Instant-Lite and was presumably once painted red, and seems most comparable to a B, although its top is wider.

Some have been restored, some are still waiting. Arcolite by Yale This lamp is mysterious, but it appears to be similar to a lamp originally made by the Yale Light Co.

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Collector and researcher Terry Marsh has a fantastic website to ID your lantern also. And, the period identified by the letter seems to be longer than a month. The lamps were virtually identical in both countries, but the location of the gas cap was different, and some areas of the fount were brushed gold in different places; their color and shades were also slightly different.

First released inthe Ker-O-Lite lamp was their answer.

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First introduced inthe BQ bracket lamp series eventually shipped upwards of 47, lamps, including this one in Terry Marsh indicates that the base is virtually identical to those manufactured by Yale before the buyout, and since it isn't labeled and the burner resembles that of a Quick-Lite, it is presumed to be a Coleman-era lamp.

So Coleman quick lite dating a code of "5 51" obviously means May of This is the cleanest "nut" style fount base I have, all the others have messy re-solder jobs around the nut.

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LZ The LZ was produced between and and was one of Coleman's more unique offerings at the time. Due to Hiram Strong being in Toronto, it is unknown how many of these were shipped or when, but it was between and It has a single burner that produces candlepower and a tank that holds a half-gallon of gasoline.

You'll clearly find the code on the bottom, as before, but the number on the left will be the month and the 2-digit code on the right will be the year.

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Inone of his engineers lengthened the generator and tried rubbing two wooden matches against each other.

It too has candlepower and holds a half-gallon of gasoline, but has a much different fount, which is smaller and rounder.

The most important thing you need to start with is the number of mantles on your lantern. Thanks for the Coleman quick lite dating in the pants!

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This CQ lamp from features candlepower and is equipped with a half-frosted glass globe. Coleman continued making these lamps until the Great Depression made it unfeasible to do so, and they never returned to the bracket lamp business once the economy improved.