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Plus there is a genetic component. I don't like what this blog has come to. Wednesday, March 30, Optika said These things, coupled with the schizophrenia theme of the episode, have the potential for "interesting viewing". But what if it is cancer and he has to go through treatments and such.

Then there's Emily's 'death'. Anonymous 44, I'm with you on that. I mean they can bring back JJ, but JJ isn't a profiler and laready stated she didn't want to be one one before. That is an awfully big thing to keep hidden and I so wish that it were written in a way that he knew about it.

I've often wondered why you guys never use it. Have a great day, hope your source comes thru for you but you can always count on us! Also, I am curious to see how Hotch deals with his knowledge that Prentiss is still alive, I think he knows too.

I know that I am not going to be able to make it through the episode being that the team is what it is now, but if there is significant Reid headache story line placed in the episode based on what I see people comment on here I will download the episode when it becomes available on iTunes.

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I'm lucky with school and work to get one read in a week! Sorry, I was trying to address the post that someone put about if Reid was gone they'd be done with the show. That would be really cheap. The story was abit slow but AJ's brilliant performance was breathtaking, heartbreaking and oscar worthy!

Simon Mirren said it had something to do with his genetic past and one's mind would automatically jump to schizophrenia, but if that were the case, Reid would no longer be able to be an agent so I don't think it can be that, and everyone knows about his mother's schizophrenia and it's something that he's almost been expecting for years so that wouldn't be much of a big surprise secret.

He just got off producing "Lauren" and IIRC, they usually give him a lighter load in the pre- and post-episodes. I can't wait for Criminal Minds tonight!

The show will not be the same without Emily or JJ and it wont get any better without them. This to me would be a more interesting play out for Reid than schizophrenia.

I am sort of ambivalent about this episode tonight as Prentiss Paget will not be there. I fall on the side of him knowing.

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Also, I think MGG isn't really going to be in the episode a lot. I know that it can't be the focus of the episode but at least some sort of segway for possible future episodes.

And Hotch needs his role back! Wednesday, March 30, Cindy said Can hardly wait to find out! Really hope its not serious. Wednesday, March 30, Lydia said I hope that the time away gave people time to pause and reflect about the meaning of opinions and how each one of us is entitled to them regardless of whether they mix with what another person or persons think.

Excited for tonight's show.

Criminal Minds

I think you all should be relieved, not worried by TG's comments. Hope you all enjoy it I assume Hotch knows she's alive, which if that's the case could lead to feelings of guilt that he's keeping something from the team AND feels he should have noticed something was going on with Prentiss earlier.

The potential for Reid angst is awesome and, as a fan of Reid! Most importantly, I hope that people have reflected about the importance of respect in all things, oh do I hope that is the case.