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Is it fair that people with no special skills get famous and rich from social media? Should fast food come with a warning, like cigarettes and alcohol? The distinctive characteristic of this type of essay is that the author needs to rebut the arguments of the opposite stance.

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Is buying a lottery ticket a good idea? The term motivation has been defined by different theorists differently. Instead of heading straight to the dictionary for a definition, you might want to refer to the media and previous studies on the same Women in the military This topic would require that you analyze the public perception of women in the military versus men.

Should siblings of different gender be treated the same way by parents?

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What is considered as superfluous usage of the Internet, and can it be counted as a form of addiction? At what age should parents allow teenagers to try alcohol? Sam Johnson is currently 40 years old and he wants to save money towards retirement and to put his two kids through college.

The writer should persuade the reader to adopt his or her point of view and behavior rules.

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People from diverse backgrounds come together through the cyber-world, work together, socialize, discuss issues and keep themselves updated about whatever is going on through media. Education Is homework helpful?

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At what age should gadgets be introduced to children? At what age should sex education be introduced at schools? Controversial issues may range from the more common ones of women and equal pay to more complex matters of same-sex marriages and the rights of those in the Lesbian, Bisexual, Gay and Transgender community.

Should the grades or attendance for gym impact the GPA of a student? NetFlix is in the business of video-rentals. Should schools use electronic textbooks to save paper?

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In the speech Luntz gives at San Francisco, it appears that he is a very good communicator in a number of respects. There seems to be infinitely more depth to gender issues than most people realize. Can smoking be prevented by making tobacco illegal?

Most of them were recruited as teachers in universities and schools, engineers, doctors, contractors, nurses, and businessmen. The most important thing to note is that gender is not restrictive; your essay could focus on many different perspectives.

Preview essay 5 pages wordsEssay Recently Uploaded The author claims that it is never too late to start saving money towards retirement.

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In addition to this, you could always examine the role played by religion in this controversy. Should children be taught at school about gender nonconformity and various types of sexual orientation?

Should shopping addiction be considered as a real disease on a governmental level?

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Preview essay 4 pages wordsEssay Recently Uploaded The author states that the theory of evolution is the brainchild of Charles Darwin and professionals in the discipline of evolutionary psychology refers to Speed dating fees as the father of evolutionary psychology.

It is crucial to remember that your topic could frustrate your efforts to present a well-written paper. Every now Controversial essay topics 2018 then finding topics for argumentative essays can be challenging for students.

Should children be taught housekeeping at school?