Who is Corey Gamble? Kris Jenner’s ‘ex-boyfriend’ revealed | Daily Mail Online Who is Corey Gamble? Kris Jenner’s ‘ex-boyfriend’ revealed | Daily Mail Online

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She also warned Kris that Gamble might just be after her money.

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These two run in the Corey gamble dating circle. Gamble is 33 years old originally from Atlanta, according to his Facebook page.

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Both are obsessed with one another, and they move forward in love, sex and romance at an accelerated—some would say foolish—way. Jenner, meanwhile, will be celebrating her special day tomorrow, which means this is a love connection between two Scorpios.

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He's a Scorpio, Too: There was a conflict report regarding Corey being truly faithful to Kris. Since then, the couple has a happy time together. You don't follow a guy that's not following you already. In the cute pics, a smiley Kris couldn't hide her happiness while hugging and cuddling Corey, while other snapshots showed the twosome holding hands.

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Sure, Corey's not one to party all night, but he's up for a quick trip to Sin City. The couple met at a party in Ibiza Spain.

Who is Corey Gamble?

He doesn't drink or party. Here are some fun facts about the E!

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It was back inWhen Corey and Kris were in St. Soon, Corey's photo with two attractive blonde women was surfaced on the internet, when Kris was away.

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The second there was any speculation around Kris and Corey's dating status, someone pretending to be Gamble gave a fake interview about the duo's sex life to media outlets. He is Afro-American in ethnicity and holds an American nationality.

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She said that she had to change the lock of her house, as Corey had an extra key and kept coming into the house without an invitation. Later he earned his bachelors degree in business Administration from Morehouse college. It's Not Social Media Official:

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