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Dating 7up bottles, don't have an account?

Anything you may be able to tell us would be appreciated. I gave you previously. There is a very crude sheared lip, which was then covered over with additional white milkglass to smooth what I guessed were rough edges.

The cork stopper is still attached. I have been searching, but not been able to find much more about it. Trans hookup app sent you a pic of it that you put on along with my question.

I have found the bottle listed on Wheaton's bottle site with its worth but I am more interested in its history. Every spring has its own stamp and often there are different versions for a particular spring, depending on age or recipient. If you could help me or point me the right direction I would appreciate it.

I do know they had delivery trucks for this company. I believe it to be from "Hog Island", but would appreciate it if you could verify the range of dates that it could be from. Pic 4 - Bottle is round.

There is a mold mark on each side, with the base put on separately. I have been to the McCormick website, but for some reason, nothing at all is mentioned anywhere about any Marilyn decanter, although they say a lot about their Elvis series.

Denise It certain has a nice graphic label. When you take decanter out of holder, it plays music. The seam from the bottle does go all the way to the top.


Thanks for all the information. It is in two parts. Probably contained wine, may have been covered with wicker or a basket at one time. Herewith a picture of the bottle.

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It has a hairline crack at the top, but the glass is not chipped at all. I love the bottle either way, but help me put this nagging obsession to sleep by providing Dating 7up bottles history on this piece.

The sides, the back and the bottom are squared and slightly recessed. I found your address poking around on the internet and would appreciate any info.

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I also have a later version of the same brand in a painted or colored glass bottle with the wine still in it. I sure hope you can help.

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The box is in good shape. Gum flavored soda can't be offered as remotely healthy.

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Keep Digging Digger, I am looking for any info you could give me on a bottle I found recently. Unwilling to shoulder the cost in their profit margins, drinks companies have essentially been left with two choices: I thought that perhaps since you seem to know bottles you might have an idea for me.

The stopper is a delicious smelling cork, and I did some research on lucas bols and found that the company was a distillery. Hello, I am Leona and my nephew recently found a coca cola bottle of green color and dated While the bottle in the ad looks old, the ad dates to