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This is very similar to Behlen's Violin Varnish still available today.

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There were minute changes to which letters were connected in the font between tobut the main logo had the same look. Though any s era of these three LP models could also have a four latch case.

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Certain guitar models built in the late s can be used to demonstrate the old-style 6 digit serial numbers. Gibson discontinued the A- 3 around 1. The exterior lubrication Dating websites devon can be either small or large.

Non-adjustable pole P pickup, single coil, 6 magnet slugs down center, black "dog ear" pickup cover: Back shape is about the same as the era, but the narrow nut width makes these necks feel like "pencil necks".

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These blank unused labels were snatched up by many guitar dealers, and are still available today. Vintage Reissues and Custom Shop Models, to present. The "low grade" case was an "alligator" softshell case, essentially made of rigid cardboard with a sparse brown lining.

After the war, the red pencil wasn't used and on instruments made during the war, sometimes it's really hard to see the red penciled sequence number. Series starts with The to orange labels are identical, except for the added text "union made".

Retangular bridge, most models: This "Artist" series serial numbers were only used on mid to upper end instruments.

On the bottom side of the tuners stamped into the metal it says " PAT. Gibson serial number consistency was never given much thought, as Gibson changed serial number system many times.

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Pearl dots on fretboard. Most Gibson pickguards prior to the mid's were made from celluloid. First number denotes last digit of year, followed by a space and 4 digits, or no space and 5 digits. No space and 5 digits following the year only occured in, andand the second digit will ONLY be a "1" in and Ink stamped, not penciled.

These appear to be the easiest to find and quite reasonable to buy. In these cases, to figure out which is the exact year for a guitar, see the General Specs section for more details.

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A FON usually consisted of a 3- 4- or 5-digit batch number followed by one or two other numbers in most cases. First was used from mid to the end ofand have a shallow post hole as viewed from the side.

FON numbers "roll over" fromreusing old numbers. All models, decal, 2 digit prefix followed by 6 digits.

Methods For Dating a Gibson Instrument

During the 's and 's, Gibson used Kluson tuners almost exclusively. The FONs were issued sequentially and provide a good way to date a Gibson guitar.

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One other exception to the above rules is in late where some Les Paul juniors and specials had a FOUR digit serial no leading year digit. This case was very popular for Les Pauls.