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Dating a guitarist, 10 reasons to date a guitarist

This will be inside the sound hole, on the interior of the body.

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She used to be a novice and she did not know what she was doing, but she keeps taking private lessons to reach the professional level. It does not matter who is in the room, she knows to how get someone riled up for the occasion.

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I will also mention briefly pot-codes as a resource numbers on the internal potentiometers of the guitar. Musicians are passionate, loving, and more emotional and in touch with how they feel. Serial Numbers Like the body and neck dates, using serial numbers to date a Fender is not a sure bet.

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She can play either standing up, sitting down, on the floor, on a stool, or anywhere else imaginable. She is not shy and she is willing to go to any venue anytime, and any place. Of course, I have a type as well.

A guitarist is low maintenance.

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Many guitar makers have brand-specific serial number information on their web pages, usually in the "Support," "FAQ," or "Info" sections. Attach a few high-quality pictures of the guitar to the email to assist the manufacturer. She knows how to use both of her hands and she does it with style.

But for every broken heart, for every girl done wrong by a Dating a guitarist with a guitar, there is a bright side.

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A guitarist knows how to make you scream for more. A guitarist knows how work her fingers.

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A guitar does not need that much maintenance for it to work properly and a guitarist is compliments the instrument. Granted, some people can make it work with a musician.

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On some acoustic guitars, the serial number is on the inside of the sound hole. This information is often written on the headstock or truss rod cover.

Not all guitar brands use date stamps, but if you find one, you have your answer.

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Musicians feel more than regular guys too, which I always thought was something special.