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Sagittarius however likes to roam where Libra prefers stability as well as staying put! So there you have it, a little more insight into the Sagittarius people.

Sagittarius and Scorpio compatibility Jealous, dominant, secretive and home lover describes Scorpio although Sagittarius will have a suitcase ready because Scorpio's intensity is too difficult to bare! Sagittarius and Pisces compatibility It's all passion and fireworks in the bedroom but that's where it ends!

But what about when these earthy creatures fall in love? Leo women are always ready to fly off with her partner on the next exciting venture — all he has to do is take her hand and let her lead the way.

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They particularly detest psychological complexity. We know a Sagittarian guy whose dream was to sleep in a tree. Moving on … The first week November is the week of Revolution.

Again, people born on these dates share some Scorpio and some Sagittarius characteristics. These are the talented and creative type of Sagittarius.

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This week is from December 3 to Likely they have no inhibitions and certainly no guilt or remorse. Sagittarius and Taurus compatibility Two very different personalities with sex being the only real chemistry between these two means they are not destined for a successful union at all!

Honor is a big thing for them and they are the type that tries everything to prove themselves. Sagittarius and Leo compatibility A perfect or ideal match!

A flourishing relationship is likely because they can both allow each other the space for freedom that they both require from time to time.

They have a lot in common.

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A relationship between these two is almost impossible unless there is a cusp or other placements within the chart making them more compatible.

They are very intuitive and try to understand things but people finds it hard to do the same to them. If people can only be defined by their zodiacs the world would be a better place.

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The second week pertains to the week of Independence. Chances are this will be n unsuccessful union or marriage.