Would you non-smokers date a smoker? - GirlsAskGuys Would you non-smokers date a smoker? - GirlsAskGuys

Dating a smoker when you dont smoke. I found the man of my dreams except for one thing – he smokes. what should i do?

Something really bad has to happen for her to even have a chance. I think this especially applies to women.

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The more dealbreakers you have, the fewer relationship options you have. Like I said, reading your post makes me feel a little less of a human being because you sound more compassionate and empathetic than I am. It kind of indicates an addictive personality … They are going to age faster and die sooner.

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For some reason I can't stand to be around her anymore or even talk to her on the phone when I can hear her light up and smoke! I guess I let this dealbreaker slip! But again, someone will dump the smoker. If only just a friend, I would be concerned, let alone someone who is in love with her.

A social smoker can turn into a chain smoker given the right pressures and circumstances. He is too, but his smoking is the only issue we keep arguing about. More than Heroine, Crack or Alchohol? She tried to quit a few times since then cold turkey but kept going back.

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I wanted to see what other people thought, so I did an Internet search. I hope you never fall in love with a woman who's a smoker.

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She then finally decided to try to quit on Chantix and it lasted 2 months boy were the side effects horrific! But you may be attracted to a smoker. So this really comes down to something quite simple: Your advice is much appreciated.

I never saw her Dating a smoker when you dont smoke and she could go for many hours without. Devise a game plan early because is likely to present problems.

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Only you can decide, but give it some thought now. Sorry, I can't sign up for that.

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A few short weeks and the addiction is in full force. I do not think she will ever quit smoking any time soon She could not even sit through a 2 hour movie without her needing a "smoke break" And to hear her constant cough and hear her deep voice all reafirmed that this was taking a huge toll on her health.

Sad but a fact. As I was getting to know her and I started develop feelings for her I felt the need to mention to her how bad it was that she smoked that much.

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I wish I could just get over this somehow and let her deal with this on her own. He says he is trying to kick the habit for me, but he has failed to do so and it seems he smokes even more after each failed attempt.

He has never gone back. He has been working overtime at his job to make this happen and every month he shows me his bank statement.

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I noticed how smokers who are not now talk bad about other smokers. I loved her and could not walk away. I never smoked and always found women who smoked a turn off. These are my thoughts. Well then, you're a better person than I am, Rocketman.

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Those alone killed our relationshipbut with 5 relapses during that time and with her weaning herself off the meds, the inevitable happened.