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Ordinary student Si-on became a police officer because of that day. Although no one can see your love, although no one can feel your tender heart, even if you White woman dating it is invisible, it does not mean it is not love.

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You have to install the program, wait until finish the process 3. A soul mate who held her up. Whether I am dead or alive… Among the elite of the Police Academy graduates, he had an affair with Shi-on when she worked with him at the National Police Agency as his junior.

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Without even revealing the person responsible for the accident, she submerged into a vegetable state, and after 6 years of lying down like a living dead, she wakes up from the brink of death! Because I promised so.

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Upright and noble man who was recognized and trusted by all of his co-workers the most when he worked at the violent crime department. On her middle school graduation trip, their family car collided with a truck, and her parents were killed on the spot.

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However, he died suddenly on duty while chasing after a serial murder suspect.

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Graduated Police Academy Dating agency cyrano allkpop the top of her class, the youngest team leader at the special criminal investigation section in the National Police Agency.

She volunteers to work at the Lost Property Center that no one is interested in, and she starts seeing the stories of the spirits in the items that are lost.


Shi-on was very busy running to and fro when she became a police officer. But she started seeing things that are not supposed to be seen. How to watch it live Anyone who couldn't streaming live through the link posted above from kpop-stream website.

When he wounds his senior with a gun during an arrest of a criminal, he gets demoted to the Lost Property Centre.

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Why she got into the accident, who she was with during the accident, her amazing record at the National Police Agency — Shi-on lost it all. Any complaints about any streaming links will be counted as spam and will be reported to the mods.

He could understand the wounds of Shi-on, who grew up on her own, better than anyone else. That is — the spirits of the dead people! Especially if it were a case when she could help someone weak or wronged, she dashed straight away, going through fire and water.

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The editing function of the forum has already been fixed so you can edit your posts instead of repeating postings. With no memory and with the eyes that see spirits, she noticed the Lost Property Centre at the National Police Agency.

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But… Pulling out the tangled cases related to these lost things, and seeing Shi-on solving out cases one by one… an odd trust is born. And she also meets a hot-tempered and stubborn subordinate who does not offer her a kind glance. I just thought she was a crazy wench who lost her memory.

Also, while communicating calmly with the ghosts that appear from time to time Shi-on Dating agency cyrano allkpop recovers bits and pieces of her own memory, and a strange sense of responsibility arises.