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It also ensures you can easily hold the razor in your hand without getting fatigued.

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You can also buy your razor with a beard balm for grooming your beard when it starts to grow. If we receive any automatic knives, we will have no choice but to dispose of them.


Finely crafted with a wood handle for a comfortable grip. For people looking to open barber shops or learn how to shave, a straight razor is a must-have.

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Boker Tree Brand Knives View all Boker Tree Brand Knives Forged in a tradition of excellence that began nearly two centuries ago in the "Blade City" of Solingen, Germany, Boker knives are among the most prestigious lines of blades and cutlery in the world.

If this item should fail under normal use, we will repair it or replace it at no charge other than shipping and handling fees with an item of equal or better value.

Shaving has a rich history, dating back to the Neanderthal man who started shaving his facial hair using clam shells and other crude items to get the job done. A superior knife for every style. Feel free to call service and we can try and help but no guarantees or promises are hereby made To help you better understand whether your product is covered under warranty, the following items are normally not covered under warranty, although exceptions do exist: A knife for every need.

The 15"16 wide blade with a barber's notch tip is masterfully crafted, and can actually be used by a novice Dating boker razors to to it's incredible handling. It has an aluminum blade carrier that the holder fits into, and the colors of the holder may vary from black or red. Dovo is renowned for the high value of its products which usually last a lifetime.

With a straight razor, you can shave as close to the skin as possible without feeling irritated. Opt for an ergonomic design for easy razor movements when taking shape.

Price There is lots of high-tech super shaving equipment available on the market today that can cost a fortune. Type — There are different types of straight razors available on the market. Here are some of the features to look out for in a straight razor: A replaceable razor is one where the razors are replaced after several uses.