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Even the resident city elves live uncommonly well. The Ferelden people are descended from the Clayne, a third Alamarri offshoot, who, despite the insistence of Orlesiansare not an example of this trope.

They still treat Ferelden as an uppity colony in many ways, and there is always at least some scheming to recapture it. Unlike the Circle Tower, it was actually built by the Tevinter mages.

As a result, Javaris attempted to broker a deal with the Arishok to slay Tal'vashoth in exchange for the formula, and hired Hawke to do the job for him.

All spirits are dangerous. The Arishok concluded simply that he could not stay in Kirkwall any longer and ignore the corruption and disease of the city, but he also could not leave without the Tome.

Apparently, the one on the north side is called "Finnegan", while the one near the fireplace window has been dubbed "Messere Pointy-Face".

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The Qunari, Dwarves, and even some Elves have stated that living Dating cassandra dragon age humans can become addictive if one spends enough time with them. If pursuing the friendly or flirty paths with Dating cassandra dragon age, it's implied Merrill develops a crush on Hawke seemingly from the moment they first meet.

You're keeping a priceless heirloom of my clan?

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Even Sebastian, though he's much nicer to her, regards her as a potential threat and considers turning her and Anders over to the Templars in a conversation with Fenris. Some of you will never earn it! Well, it's very clever then! If asked why she's nervous during her initial introduction: The nations of Thedas take Ferelden a lot more seriously after the Fifth Blight.

The Chantry was so successful at winning over the hearts and minds of the nations it forcibly conquered, that most of Southern Thedas are ardent proponents of Chantry worship and its expansionist teachings, despite the said Chantry being created by Emperor Drakkon to justify conquering them in the first place.

When brought to the attention of the Arishok, he was unconcerned, stating that their enemies were too cowardly to outwardly confront the Qunari and that his task was not to convert the city. Ferelden is the only pro-mage nation in southern Thedas when the Mage-Templar War breaks out, and offers the fleeing rebels shelter.

Kano assigned him as his lookout and guardian of a portal leading to Outworld, but Tremor was eventually defeated by Jax.

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Fereldans emphasize martial strength, Orlesians emphasize subterfuge. Regardless of the outcome, all remaining Qunari leave Kirkwall with the Arishok vowing his people's return. In the aftermath of the Qunari attack on Kirkwallin an unprecedented public display, the two remaining members of the Qunari ruling body traveled to Kont-aar, the only Qunari settlement on mainland Thedasand made a public statement denouncing and disavowing the Arishok's attack on the city before a crowd of Chantry officials, diplomats and Rivaini seers.

The chance of your party entertainment being a spy or hitman is considered a bonus, and a Fantastic Drug brewed from wyvern poison is favored by the Empress herself.

The mask allows him to control his rage and fight with his disciplined Netherrealm style, but without it, he loses his focus and attacks with murderous insanity.

The Cuckoolander Was Right: In Mortal Kombat X, Tremor is now wearing a ninja-like attire, in addition of being given another variations based on the manipulation of crystals, metals, and boulders. Likewise, if she moves in, Merrill names all of the falcon sculptures around the estate.

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For all their foppery, the Orlesians were also descended from a Barbarian Tribethe Ciriane, led by one of the sons of Maferath and Andraste. Gender Is No Object: Introduced in Mortal Kombat: The Deadly Alliance Konquest mode reveals that she desired to become the new Lin Kuei grandmaster, and therefore freezes Sub-Zero and steals the Dragon Medallion an artifact that served as the symbol of Lin Kuei leadership and also enhanced Sub-Zero's abilities off his person, but without the strength and discipline required to control the object's power, she is in turn consumed by her own freezing ability.

During their meeting, she alone remains bowed respectfully and stays that way for some time before Flemeth finally tells her that she is allowed to stand up properly.

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