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Slovakia and Its People In the past, Easter often coincided with pagan celebrations of the end of winter and the arrival of spring, so the present folk traditions are a mix of Christian customs and customs from the pre-Christian period.

May Day 1 Maya survival from a much older annual round of Slavic and Slovak festivals signifying the major spring celebration, was transformed during the decades of communism into a celebration of workers, with political speeches and shows of military force.

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The unemployment rate, which was negligible before because of the structure of the command economy, has increased throughout the s and is now nearly 20 percent There are twenty-one state institutions of higher learning: Many Slovaks Slovakia and most non-Slovaks know a second language.

The more you drink, the more you will be offered. After the Velvet Revolution of in Czechoslovakia that ended communist rule, politicians who promoted national interests became popular in many areas of Slovakia.

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While women have been entering occupations traditionally held by men and more women are acquiring education beyond the secondary level and opting to remain unmarried longer, they still experience difficulties in certain areas, especially business and politics above the local level.

Excavations of Lusatian hill forts document the substantial development of trade and agriculture at that period. Rom have been physically attacked and even killed by ethnic Slovak skinheads in the past few years. Hlinka's Slovak People's Party, — Folk music, folk dances, minidramas and musicals, and mock weddings with the participants dressed in traditional costumes remain popular.

Rusyns are eastern Slavs who live in Slovakia, Ukraine, and Poland. Your hands are expected to be visible above the table.

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You may place your knife and fork on your plate using either the Continental or American style. Organized gangs of criminals have become powerful in some areas, and skinheads have committed assaults and other atrocities against Rom. Atheists may constitute nearly 10 percent of the population, and other faiths especially Christian account for the rest.

The judicial system is represented by the Supreme Court with judges elected by the parliament and the Constitutional Court.

Other outbuildings may include a rabbit hutch, a barn, and a separate structure where a hog is kept and fattened. Halfway into that millennium, the Turks invaded this region. As increasingly sophisticated agricultural peoples, those Slavs established permanent communities in the Morava, Ipel', Torysa, Vah, and Nitra river valleys.

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Dining etiquette for order of service. Many former collective farms have been transformed into agricultural cooperatives, with varying degrees of success. The business lunch or dinner, depending upon how well developed your relationship is with your Czech or Slovak colleagues, is generally not the time to make business decisions.

Jewish cemeteries fell into neglect after the Holocaust.

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AfterRussian influence appeared with the re-creation of the Czechoslovak state and the establishment of the Warsaw Pact. When the meal is finished, place your fork and knife together so that they are parallel on one side of the plate in a vertical position; if you cross your knife and fork over the plate, it means you are just taking a short break and have not finished yet.

Much agricultural land is owned and operated by cooperatives. While male poets were prominent in the public sphere, the recent publication of Incipient Feminists: