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Rose Ferminadaza - I understand why you would be irritated by the name of this fragrance and think in terms of history, that it wasn't meant for you. I needed some comfort as my cat died last night, I had her for 15 years. A perfume of such high quality and made with so much love in fact it was a mother's love if you're already familiar with the story of Jeanne Lanvin and her daughter Marie Blanche.

Perhaps my favorite white floral. But there is also amber which when mixing with aldehydes brings it back to soap. I will never ever stop wearing her. I would come home with my hair a mess and my dress unkempt and looking dirty.

My dates have never cared for this fragrance on me so I realize that it's probably too 'motherly' for them.

Diana was just coming into her prime. Feb orangepekoe I smelt it once a long time ago and said it wasn't so bad - had a floral gardenia-like smell.

White Shoulders definitely deserves her popularity. Good sillage, classic and reminds me of L'Air du Temps. Spicey pink carnations with hints of jasmine powder. According to one besotted fan, 'it smells like fizzy cola bottles', or, in the words of another, 'an aromatic explosion of unadulterated brilliance'.

In fact this does seem so perfectly suited to putting on after shower or bath time. And if you recognise a niche scent on somebody else, it signifies that you are part of the same subtly scented world.

The first time I ever wore White Shoulders was many a year ago, so long ago that Eisenhower was President and I was not even the age of eighteen.

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I am not sure if I can compare it to Truth or dare, which is again white flowers and sweetness, however ToD smells dark to me, like a femme fatale, while WS cheers me up.

Glad I have two. Leaves your smelling clean and fresh. This is a very gorgeous and clean feminine fragrance for those of us with a love of aldehyde florals.


My parents are now both in Heaven, my Korean actors dating foreign is also there, and my children are grown. Maybe somebody else has noted this already, but if not Mar juniemoon This is just amazing, lovely.

I was not looking for her. Introduced inthis pure parfum is very rare. However I can still smell the depth of this fragrance even as a cologne.

My grandmother passed away, I cried and wore White Shoulders. Off topic - it's silly, but why I am always misspelling silage?! As Fiona Rauh points out: White Shoulders is one of the most gorgeous classic florals I've tried. In part, this involved the handiwork of Clayton Howard, the veteran make-up artist Lord Snowdon often used for photoshoots.

It's slightly oldfashioned, I Dating diorissimo bottles very curious if my mom's gonna like it. The parfum version of this is even more gorgeous, and I still need to acquire Dating diorissimo bottles EDP of this, which I've only seen on Amazon.

Apr ch What a ridiculously pretty scent! On you, it would probably conjure up images of "Lady Day" in white satin, with gardenias in her hair and a massive corsage of white orchids.