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He becomes manager of a local coffee shop within four hours of losing his job and hires June. However, on her very first day, the company is shut down when the owner is arrested for embezzling millions of dollars in a Ponzi scheme and the apartment building is sealed.

She ends up moving in with a bon vivant party girl named Chloe. Luther and Chloe have a rocky relationship: Too ashamed to return to Indiana and face her overbearing parents, June ends up moving in with Chloe and tries to find her place in the big city.

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To this end she is willing to participate in any schemes Chloe invites her into; she also secretly buys all Chloe's groceries and sneaks them into the apartment June assumes Chloe buys them and Chloe doesn't bother finding outdelivers her mail, and pays for her cable and wifi.

Meagen Fay as Katherine, James' mother. In spite of this, she is still obsessed with Chloe to the point of stalking her. She relates to her father as a friend, once even hooking him up with June, but resents her mother for never being being involved with her as a child only later do we learn that Chloe's mother is paraplegic and that all the events Chloe complains of were ones her mother could not participate in, such as ice skating and horseback riding.

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After first attempting to run her "roommate scam" by convincing June to pay several months' rent in advance before driving her out of the apartment, Chloe, who usually finds other women boring and catty, discovers that she genuinely likes June and tries to be both protective and helpful in her own borderline sociopathic ways such as slipping June illegal Chinese pharmaceuticals to help her "loosen up" and turning June's small homemade jam business into a lucrative internet erotica site when June is in danger of being unable to pay her share of rent.

At one point, he and June admit their attraction to one another and attempt to hook up, only to learn that the two of them are completely sexually incompatible.

Keith Allan as Peter, an employee at People magazine. Liza Lapira as Robin main cast season 1; recurring season 2[e] [3] one of Chloe's former roommates, who was swindled like the others and now lives in the apartment down the hall, where she tries to warn potential roommates "don't trust the bitch in apartment 23" before they make the same mistake.

Chloe's only steady work is "providing entertainment" to diplomats at the United Nations once a year, during which she pays her share of rent for the year, meanwhile running day-to-day scams to provide her with free food, free drinks, and spending money. Mark has a hopeless crush on June and occasionally tries to approach her, but a combination of his girlfriend's emotional control and June's obliviousness always gets in his way.

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Meg Chambers Steedle as Emily, a girl who briefly dates James. Dreama Walker as June Colburn, who moves to New York from Richmond, Indiana when her dream job at a mortgage company provides her with a huge apartment.

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Michael Blaiklock as Eli Webber, the peeping-tom next-door neighbor who spies on the girls through a window across an alleyway. Eric Andre as Mark Reynolds, who would have been June's supervisor at the mortgage company. He works as a city health inspector.

Luther also demonstrates a stronger moral center than most of the main cast, leading him to become closer to June as the seasons progress. Marin Hinkle as Karen, Chloe's paraplegic mother.

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June proves more difficult to dislodge than expected, and when June reverses Chloe's latest attempt to eject her in an unexpected fashion, they end up forming an unlikely friendship. To that end he gladly micromanages James' life to the smallest detail, even as James takes advantage of him.

Jennie Pierson as Pepper, June and Mark's socially awkward coworker at the coffee shop. He is extremely devoted to James and believes wholeheartedly in James' inevitable comeback. Luther feels Chloe's wild lifestyle and manipulations get in the way of James' career and tries to limit her access to him and his checkbookwhile Chloe finds Luther boring and uptight and resents when Luther keeps her from James.

Michael Landes as Scott, Chloe's father, who has a brief relationship with June. He lives with a domineering, unseen girlfriend who takes advantage of his good-natured meekness. Robin works as a nurse in a local hospital and is quite wealthy as she had no outside interests other than being near Chloe.

She works as a barista at a local coffee shop for most of the series, but is eventually hired as a junior analyst for a Wall Street firm.

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At one point Chloe states that Luther is seventy-eight years old and only retains his youthful appearance due to illegal panda-fat face cream; Luther does not deny either claim.

June's efforts to keep up with Chloe's partying often end disastrously, once with a trip to the ER for alcohol poisoning and a stomach pumping. He uses his influence amongst the now-thirty-something demographic of female Dawson's Creek fans to get ahead personally and professionally, and he allows Chloe to name-drop him to advance her own scams.

Gradually she learns to hold her own against Chloe, earning Chloe's friendship and respect. As a parody of himself, he is arrogant, self-centered, and shamelessly self-promoting as he takes on increasingly bizarre roles to revitalize his career, culminating in a stint on Dancing with the Stars.

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In spite of this, he is the person who seems to know Chloe best, Dating more than one person cheating he seems genuinely invested in seeing Chloe and June's friendship succeed, often giving them both advice on how to handle one another's quirks.

Their lovemaking is so embarrassing that they vow to pretend it never happened in order to resume their previous friendship. She is a hard-partying, irresponsible, freeloading, sexually adventurous con artist described as having "the morals of a pirate," who becomes June's roommate.

Ben Lawson as Benjamin Lovett, an Australian director, who is friends with James and becomes a love interest for Chloe.