Festival Days Sim Date - a cute dating simulation for girls of all ages Festival Days Sim Date - a cute dating simulation for girls of all ages

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Delicious food is sure to make the troops gather quickly for family night!

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Some masking tape and paper will provide hours of entertainment with this fun idea! Water Balloon Batting Practice — Set up a tee and use water balloons as a fun twist on batting practice.

This family night is sure to get you all bouncing around!

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Sponge Bombs Bucket Toss — Another one of our favorite fun outdoor games! This improvisation game will leave you laughing for days to come! Two teams race soap bars down a stream of running water!

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Crepe Paper Laser Maze: Fun Indoor Games for Kids Easy to make and fun to play — DIY Twister will be a fun addition to family game night! Who can build the tallest tower?

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A whole family night of fun snowball activities while still staying warm inside! The Price Is Right: Battle it out Wii style with this fun themed night that can easily be planned for the family!

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You have to buzz in quickly in this fast paced game! Feeling a little overwhelmed with options!?

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No need to get cold and wet! This game always brings out some good competition with my family. The team who eliminates all the members of the other team first WINS!

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Good thing you have 3 months of summer to try as many as you want! Squirt Gun Shooting Practice — Set up two rows of golf balls on tees and have two people race to see who can shoot all of the golf balls off first.

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Create a circus of your very own right at home! Glow In The Dark Volleyball: I guarantee that you will find this game to be oddly addicting!!

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Water Gun Fight — This is another oldie but goodie with our fun outdoor games.