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Dating ideas in columbus ohio, fun date ideas in columbus, ohio (oh)

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We have packages for every price range and everything is totally confidential. If you have trouble getting dates or they never go well, let us help.

Barcades Do you like playing video games? Explore the cobblestone streets of German Village.

Columbus Park of Roses

Open 7 days per week Time: So, if both you and your date enjoy sports or just having a good time, you can head to the Arena District and take in a game of hockey.

Columbus Blue Jackets Although Ohio State University football rules the Columbus sports scene, the Columbus Blue Jacketslong a laughingstock of the league, have turned it around and have become a successful franchise.

Fortunately for you and your partnerOhio is full of unique destinations and attractions that are perfect for a romantic, fun and unconventional date. This beloved mansion in Akron is an undeniably romantic destination for a date. There is 16 Bit and Brewcadia.

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A Day at the Zoo Columbus Zoo. The main indoor venues in Columbus are owned by Ohio Health under The Chiller name which has several locations throughout the Columbus metro area. Last year they were very impressive, nearly setting an NHL record for most wins in a row.

Catch a classic film at the historic Ohio Theatre…. Vinoklet Winery in Cincinnati where, as an added bonus, there is a heart-shaped lake.

They provide all of the supplies and instruction from start to finish. Have a lakeside picnic and tour Marblehead Lighthouse. If you take your date ice skating, make sure you know a little bit about skating and start slowly.

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The first is to go somewhere indoors. Ice Skating Some people enjoy being cold, even in the winter. Take your pick of Ohio's unbelievably beautiful state parks and hike, chase waterfalls and explore the caves of Ohio.

Located in the heart of the Arena District, this unique place features a dueling pianos style stage with incredibly talented musicians who take requests of your favorite songs.

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A fun year round place to visit that is just perfect for this type of occasion in the Columbus, Ohio area is Magic Mountain Fun Center. There are public skate times and, being in the Arena District, you can warm up afterwards at various restaurants.

Thousands of people head through the area and stop at the local bars, restaurants, coffee houses, and other shops.

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These are the times that really let you relax and enjoy the moment. The dates for are February 2 through February 25th.

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What about in a bar? Although popular in the summer too, if you bundle up, it can be a great way to have fun on a winter night, as well.