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This usually results in him yelling, slamming his hand on his desk, or simply leaving the room for a few moments. I'm pissed because it was fucking good and I can't say anything!

Tropes related to Vanoss and his friends include: Though Mini doesn't have a signature animal character, he does have his "giraffe camel man" Mii. Reasonably this happens when something unexpected occurs in a video, but Vanoss himself has a very distinctive yell of disbelief.

Basically is the most notorious for this. Played for laughs at the start of this video.

For Terroriser, this is in stark contrast to his Butt-Monkey portrayal in other games. However, he doesn't transfer this outfit to other games. He kinda looks like he's got a fuckin' chub going! During sessions, others often joke that his avatar is homeless and commits crimes regularly. He also hates items in Mario Kart 8 and will gripe about them at the drop of a bomb—er, hat.

Killing in-game dogs in front of him isn't a very good idea either.

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Everyone in the group will have the occasional explosive curse, but Basically, BigJigglyPanda, and Wildcat are especially prone to this, and it's Fourzer0seven's default way of raging.

Comes up when Daithi notices that, in the Mario Kart 8 Dolphin Shoals track selection window, the way the dolphin is framed makes the bit of its tail that's showing look like a penis.

While he uses the red jacket outfit on the side, he's basically become synonymous with owls as a result of him redesigning his channel around it. The Digital Avatars for some were even codified based on this. Anytime Panda misses an easy shot while playing mini golf In Gmod, some of the members use a model based on an inanimate object as their player character.

Now y'all in trouble. Mini Ladd gets his biggest rages out of coming in last in Mario Kart 8. That dolphin is built like a tree stump!

For Nogla, destroying the cocktus. Which is often, although as of late he's become more and more annoyed with the role, apparently feeling it to be something akin to being a Pigeon Holed Voice Actor.

Delirious doesn't take kindly to his character being impersonated in GTA V. The group has a tendency to frequently don animal masks when playing GTA Online, and in many sessions, they've taken up superheroes based on them.

Cut to sessions of Mario Kart 8 and mini golf years later, and he's still just as bad to Moo.

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His Garry's Mod avatar is a giant rabbit suit. Whenever some of their well planned shenanigans go south, so do their reactions. Wildcat, at the end of a Mario Kart 8 race after Terroriser hit him with an amazing roast: Terroriser used to be a group-wide Berserk Button for the group in Black Ops II, due to him using the knife in gun games to set back the othersto the point where he actually managed to piss off MOO.

Wildcat also has a similar berserk button to Nogla. Almost everything annoys him and this can lead to hilarious rage. This outfit of a completely black Batman-like suit with a raccoon mask, is similar to Vanoss but is used less frequently since his main caricature consists of a blue sweater and a hockey mask.

Bonus rage points if red shells are involved. It was originally a combination of several different outfits from the game a mask with a tactical outfit and some superhero emblemsbut has since become his primary look. On a personality level, some of Night Owl has bled into Vanoss' own in-game persona, especially in Paranormal Action Squad.

A glitched horse head following a GTA video where he accidentally creates the glitch, though he doesn't always wear it.