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Dave had fought cancer a few times before and won and also battled diabetes. We all thought or hoped that he was invincible but this past December, we found out he wasn't.

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Jim Legacie will continue his farm operation in Edmore, North Dakota. There are two sizes not on the list because they do not feature regularly. For big water heavy duty fishing large baitcasting and trolling spools are made from metal, using bronze or stainless steel that will offer the strength and capacity required for specialty lines such as heavy dacron or wire used for trolling.

He preferred to wear his old green Cargill sweatshirt he got from the grain elevator in Doyon where he lived.

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Steve "Zippy" Dahl, the ringleader of the Perch Patrol, was scratching his head. With the addition of various pigments different colours can be produced.

He has been a behind the scenes guy on nearly ever outdoor television production we have ever been associated with. I think he took a pleasure in out fishing us with a broken off rod that was taped together with half a roll of electrical tape.

When watching some of the old videos we have done over the years, Dave Tronson's pickup is in the background of every one.

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Mouldings would only be suitable for large batch produced items, such as smoking pipe stems or tool handles. Ball Bearings All conventional fishing reels contain either ball bearings or bushings built within the reel to operate the spool smoothly.

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It was like a moonscape. GPS mounted under the rear view mirror and flasher on the dash to the left of the wheel. The idea was that if a fish was hooked the fisherman could engage the check on the reel with his thumb whilst holding the rod.

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Zippy grabbed his auger and drilled 4 holes. Like the Vom Hofe reels the oil cap was a sliding disc. Dave was the one that kept many of us younger, whipper snappers like myself in line with just his actions.


He followed the tradition of the Tuna Club and was an advocate of using light tackle, not only around Catalina Island, but in Europe as well. Includes original cloth bag and replacement aluminum tube. This design increases the overall integrity and strength of the reel, while maintaining the lighter weight.

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On many baitcasting aluminum spools holes have been drilled in to reduce the weight while increasing casting distance. Alternatively, he could disengage the check with his thumb or finger if he wished to do so.