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Dating my underwood typewriter, no. 1 and no. 2

These are relatively quiet, comfortable s machines with Deco looks.

No. 6 and later

One difference is the absence of the see-saw ribbon color selector that you can see on the right side of the machine pictured at the top of this page. This table provides serial number data for Underwood Models 4 and 5: Smith-Corona introduced one of the best solutions in the s: Look for the serial number on the right top of the frame, under the right end of the carriage.

Others had only three banks of keys, and two shifts one for capitals, one for numerals and symbols. There were many attempts to solve this problem, but the frontstroke approach was probably the best.

Single-element typewriters have excellent alignment, and offer the convenience of interchangeable type styles.

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Why cook from scratch when you can eat fast food? Now, why was the Underwood so successful in its day? For a professionally cleaned and reconditioned typewriter from sources other than eBay, I also recommend mytypewriter.

Efficiency isn't always the most important consideration. Serial numbers to indicate the typewriter was made between and That may sound obvious, but most typebar machines of the ss were understrokes: Postwar Dating a shy divorced man have become popular since around as collectibles and working typewriters.

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The Underwood family was already a successful manufacturer of ribbons and carbon paper. But byalmost every typewriter imitated the Underwood. Open-framed typewriters date from to the s, while closed-frame models are from the '30s onward.

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Why draw a picture of something when you can point your smartphone at it? The company was eventually bought by Olivetti, and in the early s, the name "Underwood" finally disappeared from the typewriter world. Tip If your typewriter was made in, orthe serial number will be, or But ribbons are a little easier to care for, and need to be replaced less often.

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It's partly a matter of taste, but some makes have gathered a lot of fans for their sturdiness, their looks, or their feel. The Underwood was not the first frontstroke machine; it was preceded by the Daugherty, among others. I typed the text, then scanned it.

Remington Remington was always a leader in the typewriter industry -- so many Remington machines are common and worth little.

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Typewriters are durable, personal, private, single-purpose, independent, and secure. A few manual portables are still made in China today, but their quality is not great. Check the serial number under the typewriter's carriage. Four-bank keyboard with single shift.

The advantage of such a system is that it types very neatly, whereas cloth ribbons create a blurry impression.


About Dating my underwood typewriter, of these were made between and Underwoods have a satisfying clickety-snap. Later Smith-Coronas are so common that they are of minor interest to collectors although they are fine writing machines.

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Patent dates can tell you that a typewriter was made after a certain date, but sometimes the machine was made quite a few years after the latest patent date.

Many older Royal office typewriters are model 10 usually not marked as such ; the earlier ones have glass windows on the sides.