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Dating opinel knives. Germany: hamburg

The Glock Knife is a multi-purpose knife, that can also be thrown.

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Th ewoodwork has a small sliver missing at each side above the end of the ramrod- by the side of the barrel housing. It Dating opinel knives said it was once used by bandits in the Carpathian Mountains.

Delivery to UK address only. Takes Colt single action Army or Schofield Indonesian Kris wood sheath The Kris from Indonesian archipelago is arguably the most interesting of ethic knives. Good condition but has a couple of very fine scratches that should polish out. This sword hs obviously been mounted in brackets on a wall as there are 2 extra clean areas on the steel blade.

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Packaging shop soiled Katana - Showa-to. Shagreen tsuka with binding good. We do not know anything of their age or history, but they are an unusual item.

There were three ways blacksmiths made knives: So feeling quite pleased with myself, I slipped the knife into my pocket, and headed on.

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It is more rare to find dated bayonets with leather scabbards than with steel ones. This does not detract from the pistol's appearance at all nor does it interfere with the working parts.

Umarex 11mm Adaptor Rail Bridge Mount This size shell was used by the Royal Navy with both an exploding flak head or an armor piercing head.

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Hopefully his tatty shop will soon close down from lack of custom or be washed away by the cleansing waters of the River Ouse when York next floods. Inert 20 mm cannon shell No tab with this buckle.

Buyer must also be over 18 years of age.

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Scottish Sporran A Scottish sporran in white horsehair with two black horsehair tassels. Copper colour metal finish with silver colour spike detachable and trim, brass detailed fixings to articulated brass on leather chinstrap. All the other items we have for sale in this collection are WW2.

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Rifle Sling Rifle Sling We are no longer going to sell air guns or air gun accessories but stll have some bits and pieces, hence we are advertising at reduced prices to clear.

Ivory handled paper knife An 18thth century paper knife with ivory handle set with 'jewels'. Also there is no leather strap.

600-500 BC

A few small nicks to the edge. Petar Tsonchev estimated there were over types of knives some are pictured above. It igood and solid. Going by the design on the badge probably North Carolina.

Black leather belt with basketweave design, with 2 matching pouches, one for handcuffs and holster with swivel fixing.

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The prints were released in We can only sell this to buyers with exemption under the Violent Crime Reduction Act which basically means membership of a re-enactment group or historical display society with Public Liability Insurance.

O degen Prussian infantry degen in style of patt Prussian infantry sword.

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Whistle on chain which works. Metal work is good- there is some fine pitting on Dating cambodian barrel band, but nothing that presents a problem.

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