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Why, that's the blue-tip flare-tip!

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Some people say that they both give the same end result When you receive the razor clean it and put a new blade in it. Looks like your cookies are disabled.

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Select 'OK' to continue using our products, otherwise, you will not be able to access our sites and apps. Gillette had a habit of mixing old parts with new models to save money, so look for those hybrids, too.

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When you receive the razor there will be a blade in it. Not only did they claim this was safer, but it sped up the loading process. I recommend using Barbicide to disinfect the razor. Gold-plated versions of the Super Speed were known as "Milord", and were produced in and As you can see on this Ranger head, there are no creases circled areas: Second class will do.

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The latter is an E Type 2 InGillette "notched" the center bar to introduce their new blade dispenser, touting a "hands off" approach to blade-loading, and the "ears" removed.

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The crease in the '47 base plate This pass around has been going on next door for a while, but of course it is also open to members of ATG. Up to this point, Gillette didn't identify Super Speeds with date codes; a letter for the year and designating the quarter of that year began in the third quarter of "V3", fairly rare.

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The smooth band at the top of the handle identifies the handle's material; the steel-handle is knurled all the way to the neck.

You are responsible for the razor from the time you receive it until the time the next person signs for it.

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A lot of people prefer the Type G type injectors as they are easier to use and far more forgiving than the E Types These two Ranger models are basically identical to the Super Speed released inbut there is one more sure-fire identifier: