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Share shares Out of that female group, 42 per cent were aged between and 41 per cent of attacks took place when the first date was held at someone's home rather than a public place. Although it must be said that in our experience of investigating blackmail these people never give up and more requests for money will follow.

Catherall and Jefferys were described as being fond of one another, and were becoming increasingly close. Jeffreys was sentenced to a minimum of 17 and a half years behind bars for Ms Catherall's murder.

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Blackmail on Dating and Social Media sites. In a National Crime Agency NCA study earlier this month it was reported attacks on people meeting on dating sites will often happen on a first date. People are encouraged to disclose intimate, personal information and photographs Upmarket online dating sites people they have met online.

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On the night of her death the pair had met up for a drink but, after spending some time together, they later went their separate ways.

He was convicted of rape, wounding with intent to cause grievous bodily harm and theft and was sentenced to 12 years in prison, in May The scammers usually create professional profiles with information stolen from other sites on the internet. A post mortem examination revealed that her cause of death had been blunt force trauma to the head and mechanical asphyxiation.

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However, paramedics who arrived at the house found she had been dead for some time. The victim is sent a link to a web site where all of their conversations, photographs, employment and family details were posted.

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He knocked out one of her front teeth and left her with 21 injuries as he ran off with her underwear as a trophy. Dating site blackmail report went on to warn that these sites are creating a wave of dangerous predators. The pair had spent four days chatting on the PlentyofFish. But FidelityCheckOnline investigators warn that anybody is potentially at risk from Blackmail on Dating and Social Media sites if they do not take care with the private information they share.

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After arriving home, shortly after 7pm, Jeffreys attacked. It was not until the early hours of the following morning, at 2. The pair had met on PlentyOfFish, and had been seeing each other for several weeks at the time of the attack on September 13, However, Ms Dating site blackmail had previously told a friend that her boyfriend was a 'very nice guy but possessive'.

After exchanging the explicit photos and email messages and personal information the victims receive a message telling them that their information has been posted online and are available for everybody to see.