STAR TWINS Dating The Same Zodiac Sign | Pros & Cons By Sign STAR TWINS Dating The Same Zodiac Sign | Pros & Cons By Sign

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Sagittarius-Sagittarius You Dating someone with the same zodiac sign love your freedom and independence, so unless you are moving in the same direction, this could be trying for the success of this relationship.

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It's just that your relationship may have a different dynamic, depending on when the two of you were born. Giving each other space can help ensure neither person feels overwhelmed and help the relationship succeed.

You will appreciate each other's independence and never stifle each other. Taurus April 20 — May 20 Taurus is a sign that is very opinionated.

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You are both passionate, fiery and love to be around others so you can shine. You are both empathic but because you are equally emotional, you could sink too deeply into the other's emotions.

Try to step out of your comfort zone and open up if you want this relationship to work.

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Pisces-Pisces Pisces are sensitive, so a relationship between the two of you makes sense, doesn't it? All things considered, if you choose to involve astrology in your dating decisions, don't let it become a deciding factor. However, if you get into an argument, you may smother one another, so be aware of that.

Your love life could be very interesting with both of you open to new things. Take the rose-colored glasses off and be aware of both the good and bad if you want this relationship to work.

Aquarius-Aquarius You are both changeable, but this can provide for an exciting relationship. Many people believe that the date of their birth dictates what type of personality they have.

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Capricorns tend to keep themselves guarded and their emotions to themselves. If you enter into a relationship and you both are this sign, make sure you are on the same page. You are both giving in nature as well, so this can work out in the long term Best online dating profile taglines you are so suited to being together.

Learning that someone shares your sign can feel like kismet — even if you've just met, you've suddenly forged a connection on a celestial level.

Find issues you agree on to keep this relationship on track.

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With that being said, their is a lot of unpredictability in this relationship and one will have to compromise to keep this relationship from fizzling. This article is copyright of AskingAngels. Scorpio-Scorpio Intensity is the name of the game in this passionate relationship.

Maintain a separate life from your S. Both of you are big characters who have a lot of energy and passion.

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Astrology, as enlightening as it can be, shouldn't be a source of stress. Since you are both dreamers, one or both of you will need to keep your feet firmly planted on solid ground, but you can do this given a bit of effort.

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You will be very compatible in the bedroom also. Cancer-Cancer This combination can work well because both of you are concerned for the other and any problems they may have. You are both highly sexual, maybe even obsessed with sex, so you will match perfectly and your partner will be easily able to keep pace with you.

However, if you choose to do so, knowing what challenges you face can help you best prepare for those challenges so hopefully your relationship works. At the very least, you should keep things honest as this is your natural tendency.