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This mixer had no decal originally. The three-speed model, M4C, was introduced in Step 2 Lift the mixing arm of the mixer.

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The models changed from cast iron single speed machines in to a speed chrome plated model in the s and beyond. The company began producing small appliances inunder a marque they called Sunbeam the first Sunbeam product was an electric iron, first called Princess but soon better known as the Ironmaster, or 'The Iron of Irons'and kept the animal grooming equipment in production under a marque called Stewart one of the two founder-inventors was J.

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Model J - Sept. Was this article helpful? The difference on this model is that the front ID plate screwed on with 2 screws instead of 4 and the juicer bowl sits on the tapered mount.

Observe the tips where the beaters are inserted. Mixmaster, you will get the more modern stand.

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M4C - May to Oct. Please click the "donate" button on the left side of this page to help me keep this information free! The juicer bowl screwed to the mixer head on models up to the M4F. Unlike the earlier designs, they require no periodic oiling, and have none of the oiling ports of their older models.

It was made of cast iron, the later ones were pot metal. Now you can get an idea of the size comparison. These were not salesman samples but scaled down versions sold as toys for children. The beaters also were enlarged.

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These mixers packed a whopping 60 watts of power. After the company regrouped to commercial production following World War II's interruption, the company formally changed its name to the Sunbeam Corporation.

I don't think product liability was a problem back then and we know OSHA was not around yet. Also came with pulp screen on juicer bowl. I now have all three pieces of glass for this mixer thanks to "Mixernuts".

It now has a great home in Connecticut with my friend Ed H.