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Drypoint - Printing technique of intaglio engraving in which a hard, steel needle incises lines on a metal plate, creating a burr that yields a characteristically soft and velvety line in the final print.

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Photo Bolt Action - An action type, most frequently used on rifles, perfected by Peter Paul Mauser inwhereby a cylindrical shaft, controlled by an attached lever, manually feeds a cartridge into the chamber, rotates a partial revolution engaging locking lugs in complementary recesses in the front receiver ring, allows firing by the fall of an internal spring-loaded pin, opening, extraction, re-cocking and ejection with the same lever in preparation for the next shot.

Lineal relatives have highly descriptive terms; collateral relatives have highly classificatory terms. Romantic works are marked by intense colors, turbulent emotions, complex composition, soft outlines, and sometimes heroic subject matter.

Unified threads in inches express diameter as a fixed number 0 through 10, like example A listed above. Bauhaus - A design school founded by Walter Gropius in in Germany. Who are you as a professional and what are you doing right now? There exists also a version of this logic with a matrilineal bias.

A marvelous feat of gunmaking. Planographic - The process to print impressions from a smooth surface rather than creating incised or relief areas on the plate.

Artist's proofs can be distinguished by the abbreviation AP or E. They are valued as Artist Proofs, or higher since they are even more rare.

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Marriages between such cousins are allowed and encouraged. Photo Butt 2 - A fixed-position shooting station for British-style driven bird shooting, often rock-lined and partially underground, providing some effect of a blind for the shooter the Gun and his loader.

Photo Belt - A circumferential ridgeline around the base of a cartridge case, typically found on some high powered or "magnum" rifle cartridges to aid in the establishment of proper headspace.

Classical Style - In Greek art, the style of the 5th century B.

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While less convenient to Russian dating translation, it allows for slightly cleaner lines and slightly lighter weight.

Effective diameter — The effective diameter is halfway between the major and minor diameters. Limited Edition — A limited number of identical prints numbered in succession and signed and supervised by the artist.

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Renaissance - The period in Europe from the 14th to the 16th century, characterized by a renewed interest in Classical art, architecture, Dating terminology abbreviations, and philosophy. Which of your achievements will match those listed in the job description?

They're prone to misinterpretation. Generally inscribed next to the artist's signature. Impasto - A thick, juicy application of paint Dating terminology abbreviations canvas or other support; emphasizes texture, as distinguished from a smooth flat surface.

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When the trigger is pulled, the sear moves out of the bent, allowing the firing-pin to fall under the tension of the mainspring and fire the gun. Tolerance classes include numbers ; these refer to how loose or tight a screw fits.

Offset Lithography - A special photo-mechanical technique in which the image to be printed is transferred to the negative plates and printed onto paper. Collograph - Printing technique in which proofs are pulled from a block on which the artwork or design is built up like a collage, creating relief.

Etching - Printing technique in which a metal plate is first covered with an acid-resistant material, then worked with an etching needle to create an intaglio image. While that convention is no longer universally maintained, it's odd and confusing.

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Siblings are distinguished from cousins, and different terms are used for each type of cousin i. In other words, when a reference to the timing of Christ's birth should have maximum usefulness due to proximity of the dates, it actually breeds confusion.

With this in mind, example C, with a callout of M Where the artist's brushstrokes are noticeable.