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The local hall was filled with clothes donated to replace what was burned, and it was easier to grab what she needed than to waste time shopping.

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That's terrific, he thought wryly. She'd gone to all the trouble of finding this stupid blouse and he'd come with a five-o'clock shadow. The woman had wanted to introduce him around, but he was so shocked he'd simply walked away.

Doc had a baby picture of you up on his clinic wall.

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How stupid was this? Diamonds had been drilled out of him early.

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He'd been long and lean and sort of. Any negotiation's been done through Barb.

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He'd been stood up by a smile that was truly stunning. Lennox sets up Tori and Jake as real people, accomplished, dedicated, and caring.

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He needed a shrink to tell him, but a shrink couldn't change him. He'd immersed himself in his career.

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She lost everyone, except for a beloved dog. Tori—or more formally Dr. Maybe Barb was right; she did need to get out more, because Jake seemed to have stirred something in her that hadn't been stirred for a long time.

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And to his further bewilderment, the moment she rose she looked. But when that results in a pregnancy, the couple needs to decide what to do with themselves and their baby. Jake had seemed… Bored.

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Heck, even I wanted one! The occasional mutually casual relationship was great, but why open yourself to the angst of commitment? So kudos to him for taking the moves to prepare for a new possible life in Australia with Tori, even before he knew about the baby!

Had Tori made an effort? Marion's now written over 50 romance novels.

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There wasn't a lot here to talk about.